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Sixth Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (Resumed)
Bonn, Germany; 16-27 July 2001

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Photo (right): The dias in the negotiating group on LULUCF

Archives: July 16

Photo highlights from Tuesday, 17 July

Canada during LULUCF
LULUCF Co-Chairs Philip Gwage (Uganda) and Harald Dovland (Norway) with members of the Secretariat
Belgium during the LULUCF meeting (left) and Dechen Tsering (Bhutan) chairs the negotiating group on finance (right)
The Chinese delegation
Yoriko Kawaguchi, Director-General of the Environment Agency, Japan (left), during a press conference
The US received the Fossil of the Century award from the Climate Action Network; for more information, visit www.fossil-of-the-day.org
Delegates rely on the daily ENB to keep up to date on the negotiations

Delegates mingle in the Cafe outside of Plenary I (left) and raising the flags
The panel during a special presentation on the IPCC Third Assessment Report
UNEP Executive Director Klaus Toepfer with UNFCCC Executive Director Michael Zammit Cutajar during a meeting on international environmental governance convened by UNEP

ENB team members Chris Spence, Lisa Schipper and Malena Sell
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