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Sixth Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (Resumed)
Bonn, Germany; 16-27 July 2001

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Photo (right): COP President Jan Pronk during a press conference

Archives: July 16 July 17

Photo highlights from Tuesday, 17 July

Bush supporters
Outside the conference center

Photos from the press conference with COP President Jan Pronk and UNFCCC Executive Director Michael Zammit Cutajar

Photos from the negotiating group on Mechanisms
Delegates during the negotiating group on Mechanisms
Chair Kok Kee Chow, Malaysia (left)
Co-Chairs Kok Kee Chow and Raul Estrada
Delegates from India, Peru and Samoa (left) and Papua New Guinea

Photos from the negotiating group on Compliance
Co-Chair Slade (left) and Australia (right)
Delegates discuss text in the corridors
South Africa, coordinator for the G-77/China for Compliance, coordinating the Group's position before the start of the session

Security is heavy outside the conference center (left) and the Ministry of Environment building where the EU coordination offices and the Business NGOs are located
Miscellaneous photos from the negotiating groups
Delegates attend a reception hosted by the COP President and the UNFCCC Executive Secretary
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