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Seventh Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
Marrakesh, Morocco; 29 October-9 November 2001

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Monday, 5 November

COP President Mohamed Elyazghi and UNFCCC Executive Secretary Michael Zammit Cutajar meet with the Moroccan youth delegation
COP President Mohamed Elyazghi (left)
Backpacks from the youth!
Canada during the mechanisms group

Press conference with representatives of CorpWatch, Indigenous Environmental Network, Greenpeace International and Third World Network

Paul Horsman (left) and Yin Shao Loong (right) and below: Tom Goldtooth, Lucy Mulenkei and Amit Srivastava

Friends of the Earth side event addressing the equity imperative in time for the second commitment
Harald Dovland speaks with the delegate from New Zealand (left) and COP President Mohamed Elyazghi speaks with Tunisia

For today's fossil of the day award, Canada won 2nd and 3rd place, and tied with Japan for its positions on compliance and mechanisms

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