22nd Session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

9-11 November, 2004 | New Delhi, India

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Highlights for Wednesday, 10 November 2004

Opening Session

The 22nd session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) met for its second day on Wednesday in New Delhi, India. In the morning, delegates continued discussions on scope and content of, and process for, a Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) Synthesis Report. In the afternoon, delegates discussed AR4 products and IPCC outreach. Contact groups on scope, content and process for an AR4 Synthesis Report and on the IPCC programme and budget also met.


Martin Parry (United Kingdom)
Working Group II Co-chair Martin Parry (United Kingdom) encouraged an early start to work on the Synthesis Report.
Mihail Daradur (Moldova)
Mihail Daradur (Moldova) said the Synthesis Report must be short and concise.
Antonio C.J. Arenas Romero (El Salvador)
Antonio C.J. Arenas Romero (El Salvador) suggested that cross-cutting themes be integrated into the substance of the Synthesis Report.
Mohan Munasinghe
IPCC Vice-Chair Mohan Munasinghe (Sri Lanka) encouraged members to work together to address content, process and timing issues.
Bwango Apuuli (Uganda)
Bwango Apuuli (Uganda) urged that the Synthesis Report be produced in time for UNFCCC COP-13 in 2007.
Harlan Watson (United States)
Harlan Watson (United States) said work on the Synthesis Report should not begin until after expert review of the Working Group reports.


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Andy Reisinger (New Zealand) stressed the importance of regionally relevant information and datasets during the discussion of products from the Fourth Assessment Report.
Olav Hohmeyer (Germany)
Olav Hohmeyer (Germany) urged that regional information products from the Fourth Assessment Report be indexed.
John M.R. Stone (Canada)
John M.R. Stone (Canada) reported on progress of the Outreach Task Group.
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IPCC Vice-Chair Yuri A. Izrael (Russia) stressed the importance of raising awareness of IPCC activities through the mass media..
Michel Petit (France)
Michel Petit (France) made an intervention during the discussion of outreach.
Sadeequllah Ahmadzai (Afghanistan)
Sadeequllah Ahmadzai (Afghanistan) supported Iran's proposal for climate change workshops in the Middle East and Asia.


IPCC Secretariat Staff
IPCC Secretariat staff were hard at work in the morning.
Photographic Participant
Many IPCC-22 participants brought cameras.
Participants at ENB Table
Participants visited the corridors to pick up the morning's issue of ENB...
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...and to view a video on the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, provided by Norway.
Ashok Hotel
Our venue - Ashok Hotel, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi.
Participants with headphones
You can wear your headphones many different ways.


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