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Twelfth Session of the Subsidiary Bodies of the UNFCCC
Bonn, Germany; 5 - 16 June 2000

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Friday, 9 June / Saturday 10 June:

Delegates to the informal meetings met to conclude their work ahead of the twelfth sessions of the FCCC subsidiary bodies (SB-12). Informal meetings were convened on: compliance; guidelines under Protocol Articles 5 (methodological issues), 7 (communication of information) and 8 (review of information); capacity building; land use, land-use change and forestry; policies and measures; and FCCC Article 4.8 and 4.9 and Protocol Article 3.14 (adverse effects).

Right: Ducks were seen in and by the fountain behind the Maritim on Friday


Delegates convened to consider issues relating to capacity building in non-Annex I countries and hear presentations by representatives of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) on the Climate Development Initiative (CDI). Delegates head brief reports by regional experts. Issues raised included: lack of financial resources, inefficient management of human resources and information, inability to retain human capacity, and a low level of economic, managerial and communication skills. On possible elements for a draft framework for capacity building, several delgates stressed the need for capacity building to be country-driven. The G-77/China stressed that capacity building be a continuous, integrative, and comprehensive process implemented within a specific time frame and based on country priorities. On the role of institutions, several delegates called for clear guidance to the GEF to ensure adequate funding for capacity building initiatives. The G-77/China said that communications should be the main source of information to monitor the effectiveness of capacity building.

John Hoff, UNDP [left], defined capacity development as the ability of individuals and institutions to set and realise goals and said it is influenced by the broader context of the institutions including policy and regulatory frameworks.
Avani Vaish, GEF [right], noted that capacity building has been addressed through GEF projects and also as an integral component of GEF projects. He said the CDI is an 18-month effort by GEF and UNDP, structured in 3 phases: assessment of country-level capacity needs: preparation of a comprehensive study to meet those needs and the development of an action plan.
Left: Delegates then heard brief reports by the regional experts. Among the presenters were R.S. Maya, Southern Center for Energy and Environment [left] and Prof. Al Binger, GEF [right].

Interview with Stephane Michel

Stephane Michel (Delegation of Switzerland) presented the current issues linked to Protocol Article 18 (non-compliance), noting that a compliance system adopted through amendment to the Protocol would only bind those Parties who have ratified the amendment to the Protocol. A proposition made today to link the compliance system with the amendment of Annex B for the second commitment period is said to have the disadvantage of not having a compliance system during the first commitment period.

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Above: Delegates lining up to collect their copies of the recently released draft consolidated texts on many topics, including mechanisms and compliance and adverse effects.

In the corridors
While most participants left the week of informal meetings with the feeling that they had successfully moved discussions forward on several key issues, some sessions ended on a slightly sour note. Attempts by some Chairs to present draft decisions or negotiating text met with confusion over the extent of the meetings' mandate, and sparked what some observers saw as political posturing that contrasted with the generally constructive and open dialogue. While there was agreement on developing consolidated text for mechanisms and adverse effects, EU delegates were disappointed when attempts to develop a negotiating text on policies and measures for a decision at COP-6 were stonewalled by some G-77 countries late Friday afternoon.

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