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Thirteenth Session of the Subsidiary Bodies of the UNFCCC
Lyon, France; 4 - 15 September 2000

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Highlights from Wednesday, 13 September
Contact groups met throughout the day to consider: adverse effects; technology transfer; capacity building; land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF); policies and measures; the mechanisms; and guidelines under Protocol Articles 5 (methodological issues), 7 (communication of information) and 8 (review of information). The Joint Working Group on Compliance convened to continue discussions on the Co-Chairs' text. Informal consultations on guidance to the financial mechanism were also held.

Photo: The Joint Working Group on Compliance met in an evening session

Joint Working Group on Compliance
Left to Right: Co-Chair Tuiloma Neroni Slade (Samoa), Secretariat, and Co-Chair Harold Dovland (Norway)
Delegates in the Joint Working Group

On submission of questions for implementation, the Russian Federation said it was not clear what the role of the Executive Board would be and supported retaining brackets.

On the submission of questions of implementation, Brazil, with Saudi Arabia and Egypt (right), bracketed text permitting the compliance committee to receive questions indicated in Protocol Article 8.

Glen Wiser, on behalf of CIEL and WWF (left), offered delegates an analysis of the recent text, CRP.7 and requested permission for its distribution.

On appeal, Samoa (right) questioned the necessity of and appeal, as it would delay the process and merely afford Parties the opportunity to have their case heard twice.

Development and Transfer of Technology
Acting Chair Anthony Adegbulugbe (center) discussing the text on technology transfer

The US, with the EU, proposed deleting "equitable" when referring to the process of technology transfer. Opposed by the G-77/China, the EU proposed replacing "environmentally sound technologies" with those "that respect the local environment. The US objected to the G-77/China proposal to delete reference to "integrated approaches" to technology transfer. Left: The US (left) with EU representatives

Delegates in the technology transfer group

Adverse Effects

On establishing a fund for climate-related disaster relief, the EU and the US highlighted that such a fund could add significant complexity to the provision of funding due to the difficulty in distinguishing between natural and human-induced climate disasters. Left: SBI Chair John Ashe and Jeff Miotke, US negotiator on adverse effects.

Policies and Measures

Delegates completed discussions on the elements for a draft decision on best practices in policies and measures. The draft SBSTA conclusions on P&M were amended and, inter alia, references to Article 2.1 and to a consultative process were deleted. Left: Chair Jose Romero

Miscellaneous Photos
The COP-6 table where information for participants is available, including information on travel to the Hague. During COP-6, Parties have been invited by the president-designate, Minister Jan Pronk, to participate in the Youth Programme by including young people in their delegation.
Delegates discussing text before the convening of afternoon sessions

In the corridors...

Some observers have detected a growing feeling of frustration and unease as time for negotiation in Lyon starts to run out. Wednesday's stand-off in the mechanisms group on whether to include LULUCF in the CDM, loss of momentum on the technology transfer text, and an outcome in the P&Ms meeting that some found disappointing, all contributed to a sense of concern at the apparent lack of progress.

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