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Sixteenth Sessions of the Subsidiary Bodies

Bonn, Germany | 5-14 June 2002

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Thursday, 6 June
Delegates to the Sixteenth Sessions of the Subsidiary Bodies to the UNFCCC (SB-16) met in SBSTA in the morning and afternoon to discuss: LULUCF good practice guidance and activities under the CDM; technology transfer; policies and measures; cooperation with international organizations; UNFCCC Article 6 (education, training and public awareness); issues relating to hydrofluorocarbons and perfluorocarbons; and other matters. Contact groups were convened to consider Protocol Articles 5 (methodological issues), 7 (communication of information) and 8 (review of information); greenhouse gas inventories; LULUCF under the CDM; and the IPCC TAR.

METHODOLOGICAL ISSUES: LULUCF Good Practice Guidance: Chair Thorgeirsson introduced the agenda item on the development of good practice guidance and other information for LULUCF.  Reporting on its LULUCF work programme, the IPCC noted a recent task force meeting in Eisenach and its work plan for the upcoming year.

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Taka Hiraishi, IPCC

Reporting on its LULUCF work programme, the IPCC noted a recent LULUCF meeting in Eisenach, in March and its work plan for the upcoming year.

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The FAO reported conclusions from an expert meeting on harmonizing forest-related definitions for use by various stakeholders, jointly organized with the IPCC, Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), and the International Union for Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO).

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The EU supported the use of biome-specific forest definitions.

Wulf Killmann, FAO

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The US cautioned against the creation of separate definitions and urged for coordination between different reporting bodies.

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LULUCF Activities under the CDM: Chair Thorgeirsson said COP-7 had asked SBSTA to develop, for adoption at COP-9, definitions and modalities for including afforestation and reforestation activities under the CDM in the first commitment period, considering: non-permanence; additionality; leakage; uncertainties; socio-economic and environmental impacts; and the Principles guiding LULUCF as agreed at COP-7

Jesús Merchán, Spain, for the EU

TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER: Chair Thorgeirsson drew attention to Parties’ recent submissions on a proposal for a technology transfer clearinghouse and information network, and on other relevant matters.

POLICIES AND MEASURES (P&Ms): Chair Thorgeirsson highlighted the SB-15 decision that SB-16 should consider further action to advance work on “good practices” in P&Ms, as well as the report of a workshop on P&Ms held in Copenhagen in October 2001.

INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: Chair Thorgeirsson noted the interim report on the adequacy of the global climate observing systems, a progress report on the work of the Joint Liaison Group of the UNFCCC, the CBD, and the UNCCD, and the submissions from Parties on cooperation with intergovernmental bodies.

Representative of the US

ARTICLES 5, 7 AND 8: Co-Chair Luboyera opened the discussion on an expedited review procedure for reinstatement of eligibility to use the mechanisms. Delegates considered draft text, which incorporated Party submissions, to be included into the guidelines under Article 8. Under General Procedure, NEW ZEALAND emphasized language expressing the need for Parties to provide additional information.

GREENHOUSE GAS INVENTORIES: A contact group on national greenhouse gas inventories, co-chaired by Audun Rosland (Norway) and Newton Paciornik (Brazil), met to consider a Co-Chairs’ proposed draft Working Paper on guidelines for the preparation of national communications by non-Annex I Parties that addresses UNFCCC Reporting Guidelines on annual inventories.

LULUCF AND CDM: On definitions and modalities for including LULUCF under the CDM, BRAZIL, for the G-77/CHINA, stressed that the outcome of the Orvieto workshop held in April, which detailed draft terms of reference (TOR) and agenda for work, served as a basis for negotiation only. The EU, CANADA, JAPAN, URUGUAY, COSTA RICA and NEW ZEALAND preferred using the Orvieto document as it stands and stressed the tight work schedule leading to COP-9.

Chow Kok Kee, Malaysia

Listen to Malaysia’s comments on LULUCF

INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION: Consultations were chaired by Sue Barrell (Australia) and David Lesolle (Botswana). After discussing capacity building needs with respect to climate observing systems, the chair adjourned the meeting to prepare a draft decision that would provide further guidance to the GCOS secretariat on its second report on the adequacy of global climate observing systems.

IPCC TAR: Co-Chair David Warrilow (UK) explained that the group’s aim was to prepare draft SBSTA conclusions and a draft COP-8 decision, focusing on how the IPCC TAR can help the SBSTA and other UNFCCC bodies in their work.

Paul Mason, GCOS Chair

Side Event

Trading CO2 and electricity in the Baltic Sea Region. IEA in collaboration with OECD

Representative of Japan

Side Event

Progress report and lessons learned from the implementation of the World Bank Prototype Carbon Fund and World Bank carbon Strategy beyond the PCF

Side Event

Good practice guidance for LULUCF

The Contact Group on Articles 5, 7 AND 8

Side Event

Article 6: Education, training and public awarness

The Informal Contact Group on cooperation with Scientific Organizations

Luis Herrera Marcano, Venezuela

Newton Paciornik, Brazil


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