18th Session of the Subsidiary Bodies  
Bonn, June 4 - 13, 2003

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Delegates from Bolivia and Brazil convene outside the conference rooms



SB-18 Highlights, Tuesday, June 10th

SB-18 delegates met in a number of contact groups to discuss: the IPCC TAR; Protocol Articles 5 , 7 , and 8 ; "good practices" in policies and measures (P&Ms); capacity building; UNFCCC Article 4.8 and 4.9 (adverse effects); the Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF); and the programme budget for the biennium 2004-2005.



Janos Pastor, SD Coordinator (UNFCCC Secretariat), and Chair Dechen Tsering (Bhutan)


This group met to consider the Chair's draft conclusions and the terms of reference for the comprehensive review of the implementation of the framework for capacity building in developing countries. Delegates agreed to the proposal by the G-77/China to request the Secretariat to prepare a compilation paper on the progress in implementing decision 2/CP.7 (capacity building in developing countries). Chair Dechen Tsering said that informal consultations would be convened to complete consideration of the draft conclusions.

The Capacity-building contact group met in the Maritim's Liszt Room


Delegates from the EU

Japan intervenes in the Capacity-Building contact group


Imran Ahmad (Pakistan) speaking on behalf of the G77

China consults with the Secretariat

Co-Chair Walid Al-Malik (UAE)


The Third Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

This group met in morning and evening sessions to continue deliberations on the Co-Chairs' draft conclusions. In the morning, several delegates opposed Co-Chair David Warrilow's suggestion that Parties compile a list of provisional work programme elements. It was stressed that before considering text on a work programme, agreement was needed on whether to address scientific, technical and socioeconomic aspects of adaptation and mitigation in one or two SBSTA agenda items, and on the elements of the proposed work programme.

Co-Chair David Warrilow (UK)

Delegate from China (right)

Delegates during the IPCC meeting


Co-Chairs Helen Plume (New Zealand) and Newton Paciornik (Brazil)


Methodological Issues: issues relating to Articles 5 (methodological issues),7 (communication of information) and 8 (review of information) of the Kyoto Protocol

This contact group discussed draft COP and COP/MOP decisions and their annexes. On the criteria for selecting lead reviewers, Parties discussed whether knowledge of Annex I Party official languages other than the official UN languages should be a desirable criteria for lead reviewers.

Co-Chair Robert Mason (UK)


The implementation of Article 4.8 and 4.9 of the convention

Co-Chair Fadhel Lari introduced the Co-Chairs' draft conclusions as well as proposals from the EU and G-77/China. Delegates debated at length which document to use as the basis for the discussion. On the reports of the workshops on insurance and risk assessment, delegates could not agree on whether to address them in separate paragraphs. Regarding the workshop on economic diversification, delegates discussed how the terms of reference should be elaborated. The Co-Chairs proposed compromise text requesting the Secretariat to take into account the views expressed during SB-18 in this regard.

Co-Chairs Fadel Lari (Kuwait) and Robert Mason (UK) with Duncan Marsh, Secretariat, and SBI Chair Daniela Stoycheva (Bulgaria)

Duncan Marsh and Youssef Nassef of the Secretariat (left and center)


Special Climate Change Contact Group Co-Chairs Rawleston Moore (Barbados) and Jaap Rooimans (the Netherlands) and Luiz Gomez-Echeverri (SBI coordinator)

The Special Climate Change Fund

Co-Chair Jaap Rooimans presented the Co-Chairs' draft conclusions for discussion.On the SCCF's guiding principles, the G-77/CHINA said that it should be complementary to the GEF climate focal areas, the LDC Fund, and bilateral and multilateral funding, and maximize adaptation funding opportunities for non-Annex I Parties not eligible for support from the LDC Fund. He also emphasized that adaptation projects should be recognized as having global benefits, and small-scale projects should have expedited access through the establishment of a small grants programme under the SCCF.

Rawleston Moore (Barbados) with John Ashe (Antigua and Barbuda)


Rawleston Moore (Barbados), George Manful (Secretariat), SBI Coordinator Luiz
Gomez-Echeverri, and Philip Weech (Secretariat)


Co-chairs Greg Terrill (Australia) and Richard Muyungi (Tanzania)


"Good practices" in policies and measures among Annex I Parties

Co-Chair Richard Muyungi introduced new draft conclusions. SAUDI ARABIA, for the G-77/CHINA, objected to text referring to information exchange among "all Parties," and to text "inviting Annex I Parties and other interested Parties" to share information at informal round-tables. Following a short break for consultations, the G-77/CHINA was unable to agree a united position on the text. Co-Chair Greg Terrill adjourned the meeting to allow the G-77/China to consult further on these issues.

Asfaha Beyene (Secretariat) Chair John Ashe (Antigua and Barbuda) and Tahar Hadj-Sadok (Deputy Executive Secretary)

The Programme Budget Group

Today this contact group addressed a table, which separates costs and activities under the Protocol and UNFCCC proposed by the Secretariat, and discussed a revised draft decision. Chair John Ashe said the Secretariat is "being held hostage" due to Parties' divergent positions.

Miscellaneous Photos

Chris McDermott (Canada) and William Irving (US)


Enele Sopoaga (Tuvalu) (at right)

Trig Tally (US) with delegates from Japan 

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