18th Session of the Subsidiary Bodies  
Bonn, June 4 - 13, 2003

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oke Waller-Hunter, UNFCCC Executive Secretary, and Corrado Clini, Director General, Italian Environment Ministry, sign the Host Country Agreement for COP-9



SB-18 Highlights, Wednesday, June 11th

On Wednesday, delegates continued to meet in a number of contact and informal groups. Parties discussed Protocol Articles 5, 7, and 8, sinks in the CDM, and "good practices" in policies and measures (P&Ms), capacity building, the Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF), the programme budget for the biennium 2004-2005, and UNFCCC Article 4.8 and 4.9 (adverse effects). Informal consultations were also held throughout the day, including on, the IPCC TAR and the LDC Fund.



Co-Chair Helen Plume (New Zealand) (center)


Methodological Issues: issues relating to Articles 5 (methodological issues),7 (communication of information) and 8 (review of information) of the Kyoto Protocol

Delegates considered revised draft conclusions and decisions. Regarding issues relating to the implementation of Article 8, Parties agreed draft COP and COP/MOP decisions, following minor editorial amendments and the addition, in the annex on criteria for selecting lead reviewers, of a bracketed paragraph on desirable language skills for lead reviewers. CHINA and JAPAN agreed to discuss this issue informally, in order to reach resolution before the SBSTA plenary on Thursday, 12 June. Parties also agreed draft COP and COP/MOP decisions on technical guidance on methodologies for adjustments under Article 5.2 (adjustments), and the Co-Chairs' draft conclusions.

Delegates prior to the convening of the contact group


Delegates from Japan review the latest draft text

LULUCF discussed proposals on several definitions


Methodological issues: land use, land-use change and forestry/clean development mechanism.

Regarding Sinks in the CDM, NEW ZEALAND introduced a document on definitions for modalities and procedures for afforestation and reforestation (A&R) projects, which combines Parties' submissions. BOLIVIA said that countries, rather than the COP, should decide on which carbon "pools" to include in A&R projects, and that it was important to include geo-referencing in the draft decision. The EU said that it preferred a combined approach to account for carbon stock changes and some emissions sources. COLOMBIA indicated that carbon pools should be accounted for "within the project boundary." CHINA noted that it needed skills to understand technical information associated with the timing for baselines and actual emissions in projects.

On project monitoring, BOLIVIA questioned how to estimate and control leakage, and URUGUAY noted that there is a need to minimize negative leakage. Parties then considered appendices to text on definitions and modalities for sinks in the CDM in the first commitment period. Introducing draft Appendix E on environmental and socioeconomic impacts of CDM projects, the EU, NORWAY and SWITZERLAND said this was developed following informal consultations, and aimed to help countries in preparing CDM projects.

On future work, Co-Chair Karsten Sach urged Parties to hold informal inter-sessional consultations and suggested convening pre-sessional consultations to complete work for COP-9.

Claudio Forner, Secretariat, LULUCF Co-Chairs Karstan Sach (Germany) and Thelma Krug (Brazil)


Delegates from the G77/China prior to the LULUCF meeting

(On Left) Co-Chair Walid Al-Malik (UAE)


The Third Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Following informal consultations in the afternoon, Parties met informally in the evening to consider a revised version of the Co-Chairs' draft conclusions. The draft conclusions state that SBSTA will establish two new agenda items for regular consideration on the scientific, technical and socioeconomic aspects of adaptation and of mitigation. They also note that SBSTA will explore, in the context of sustainable development, the scientific, technical and socioeconomic aspects of cross-cutting issues noted in the SBSTA-16 report.



Asfaha Beyene (Secretariat), Chair John Ashe (Antigua and Barbuda) and Joke Waller-Hunter, UNFCCC Executive Secretary

The Programme Budget Group

Delegates in this contact group exchanged views on the UNFCCC conference services contingency and the Chair's revised draft conclusions. Stressing that adaptation is of greater concern to Central American countries, HONDURAS noted its concern about the amount of funding budgeted for CDM activities. Parties then deliberated on the six options outlined in the draft conclusions, unable to remove any of them. The UNFCCC Executive Secretary noted that existing funds would only support activities until February 2004.

Joke Waller-Hunter, UNFCCC Executive Secretary, with Eve Kolosa, Secretariat

The delegate from the Russian Federation with Asfaha Beyene (Secretariat)



A view of the Conference Room used by the Special Climate Change Contact Group today  

The Special Climate Change Fund

The G-77/CHINA presented its amendments to the Co-Chairs' draft conclusions, stating that the Group's overriding interest is that a decision on the SCCF be taken at COP-9. Co-Chair Rawleston Moore adjourned the meeting for an informal consultation on this issue. Following consultations, Co-Chair Moore said that the annex would be removed from the draft conclusions, and that the G-77/China's paper would be listed in a MISC document. Delegates could not agree to an EU proposal, supported by CANADA and NORWAY, that the SBI invite the GEF to submit their views on complementarity among the funds under the UNFCCC. Delegates agreed to delete text regarding the further submission of views and the convening of an inter-sessional informal consultation on the SCCF prior to SBI-19.

Nigeria, speaking on behalf of the G-77/China


Delegate from Canada

Delegate from Norway


oke Waller-Hunter, UNFCCC Executive Secretary, and Corrado Clini, Director General, Italian Environment Ministry sign the Host Country for COP-9, to be held in Milan, Italy during the first twelve days of December this year.




Joke Waller-Hunter and Michael Zammit Cutajar (former UNFCCC Executive Secretary)

Michael Zammit Cutajar (former UNFCCC Executive Secretary) talks with Corrado Clini (Director General, Italian Environment Ministry)
SBSTA Chair Halldór Thorgeirsson and SBI Chair




Italy Launches the COP-9 Website

The new website provides comprehensive information for participants on how to get to the meeting, , how to find a hotel, use local transportation and much more.
(COP-9 will be held in the Fiera Milano venue in Milan, from December 1 - 12, 2003.) To find out more, go to: http://www.minambiente.it/cop9

Information table for the launching of the COP-9 website

Interface of the COP-9 website.

Golden Birthday Celebration


Kimo Goree, one of the founders of the ENB, celebrates his birthday today


The ENB team listens to Kimo's birthday speech. (Left to right:) Hugh Wilkins (Canada); Juliet Jones (US); Leslie Paas (Canada); Karen Alvarenga (Brazil); Lisa Shipper (Sweden); Angela Churie (Kenya); David Fernau (South Africa); Fiona Kosa (Canada).

Kimo receives a cake from Juliet. John Ashe was also present at the celebration.


ENB team members light a candle for this special occasion. (Left to right:) Leila Mead (US), Michael Lisowski (Canada) and Dagmar Lohan (Germany).

We won't disclose Kimo's age but we'll give you a few hints

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