18th Session of the Subsidiary Bodies  
Bonn, June 4 - 13, 2003

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SB-18 Highlights, Friday, June 13

The retirement of Tahar Hadj-Sadok, UNFCCC Deputy Executive Secretary,
is honored during the SBI Plenary



SBSTA Chair Halldór Thorgeirsson from Iceland (center) gavels the meeting to a close


Morocco, on behalf of the G77/China

Mauritius on behalf of AOSIS


Today SBSTA and SBI convened in Plenary. The SBSTA adopted conclusions on the IPCC TAR, sinks in the CDM, “good practices” in policies and measures, other matters, and the report of the session.

Listen to:

SBSTA Chair Halldór Thorgeirsson from Iceland (center)



Russian Federation



David Warrilow, UK





(Left to right:)The SBI Panel with SBI Coordinator Luiz Gomez-Echeverri, SD Coordintor Janos Pasztor, Vitaly Matsarski (Secretariat) Chair Daniela Stoycheva (Bulgaria) and two other members of the Secretariat

Tibor Farago, Hungary, accepting the appointment of Hungary as COP-9 President

Robert Mason, United Kingdom


In the morning, the SBI adopted conclusions on all agenda items, with the exception of the programme budget for the biennium 2004-2005 and the report of the session. Following lengthy informal consultations, the SBI re-convened to adopt the programme budget, and also adopted the session report.

Listen to:

Raul Estrada, Argentina

Jim Penman (UK)

Delegate from Croatia

Delegates from United Arab Emirates


EU delegates confer during the SBI Plenary

Luiz Gomez-Echeverri (SBI coordinator), Tahar Hadj-Sadok, and Joke Waller-Hunter, UNFCCC Executive Secretary


John Ashe reports on the budget

Canada and Burkina Faso discuss the outcomes of the informal consultations on
LDC fund


Algeria thanks Tahar Hadj-Sadok, a fellow Algerian for
all his work and wishes him luck

Tahar receives flowers, with SBI Coordinator Luiz Gomez-Echeverr, SBI Chair Daniela Stoycheva and Joke Waller-Hunter


Tahar Hadj-Sadok with members of the Secretariat

Informal Consultations of the Programme Budget Group




Photos (above, left to right): EU members consult on the budget; Tahar Hadj-Sadok with Joke Waller-Hunter; and Waller-Hunter with SBI Chair Daniela Stoycheva

Photos (left to right): Tahar Hadj-Sadok with John Ashe and Daniel Reifsnyder, US; and delegates consulting on the budget (right photos)

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