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World Bank Cultural Site Management Site
April 26 - 30 1999, Washington DC
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Photo and RealAudio highlights from 28 April

A group of participants that met Tuesday evening reported
their summary of Tuesday�s discussion on authority structure and
financial support of CSM to the Workshop.

Ricardo Francovich, Professor of Archaeology, University of Siena, Italy, presented information on San Silvestro Park in Tuscany. He emphasized that successful implementation required a viable concept with strong scientific underpinnings that demonstrated benefits for visitors and the local community.
Douglas Comer, Chief, Applied Archaeology Center, US National Park Service, described the Cultural Site Analysis Initiative, a historic preservation project in Cape Coast, Ghana. The project uses GIS and remote sensing and examines environmental parameters, infrastructure, historic and archaeological sites, and districts and traditional use areas, and is conducted in collaboration with local groups.


Above, left and below: Participants at the Cultural Site Management Workshop met in small groups in the afternoon to identify challenges and make recommendations for cultural site management (CSM) components of Bank-financed projects in six countries.

John Stubbs, Vice President of Programs, World Monuments Fund, highlighted issues related to usage of the Angkor site in Cambodia. He described the economic under-development of Cambodia due to extended civil war and problems and opportunities presented by the war�s recent end, particularly for exploiting its tourism development potential.

Dennis Mahar, Manager, Environment and Natural Resources Group, World Bank Institute (WBI), described the increasing importance of learning and knowledge on the World Bank�s agenda. He explained that WBI provides training, policy services, and knowledge networks to clients.

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