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DIREC 2010
Highlights for Thursday, 28 October 2010

On Thursday, participants met throughout the day in thematic sessions organized around four main tracks: technology and infrastructure; policy; finance; and renewables access and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Parallel workshops also took place on biofuels and promoting rural entrepreneurship for enhancing access to clean lighting options. The renewable energy exposition and trade show continued.

A new wind turbine design on display at the DIREC trade fair.
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Climate Change Policy & Practice
Power Technology and Infrastructure
In the morning, this panel discussed grid stability, systems approaches to ensure functioning energy systems and incentivized systems to ensure government investment in renewables.

Heating and Cooling Technologies
The track continued by focusing on markets for solar cooling and heating pumps, policy frameworks for heating and cooling, and product development and market research.

This panel discussed the use of renewables in green buildings, with an emphasis on building design for lower energy consumption.

The booth of the newly created International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

Renewable Energy Scenarios
This track began the day with talking about time frames and costs of various scenarios in view of the expected massive transition to renewable energy in the coming decades.

Supporting Policies (on-grid)
The morning continued with panels debating policies needed to bring more renewably generated power to the grid.

Supporting Policies (off-grid)
Panelists discussed the renewable energy situation in rural areas, with many referring to distributed, decentralized generation systems and renewable energy being a factor integrating grid and non-grid power.

Financing Innovation – Projects, Businesses and Technologies
In the morning, the panel on financing innovation - projects, businesses and technologies discussed the roles for public and private finance, and finance models for supporting innovation.

Financing Deployment at Scale
The next session, on financing deployment at scale, discussed overcoming hurdles to renewable energy growth, such as lack of adequate power infrastructure, unpredictable government support, and the need to redraw financing structures to accommodate the nuances of renewables.

Initiatives to Catalyze and Scale Up Investment in Renewable Energy

This session focused on the introduction and scrutiny of ideas for new renewable energy funding mechanisms to help jump-start their wide spread uptake.

Woman Empowerment
This session discussed the role of women in renewable energy markets, including barriers to obtaining credit, delivery of energy services, and improving household life and health.

Renewables in India
This session discussed renewables potential, household energy access, and challenges to investment in India.

The REN21 booth, where pledges to help enable wider take-up and implementation of renewable energy technologies from participating organizations and governments are being collected.
A small part of the otherwise massive trade show.
IISD RS writer Anna Schulz offering some perspective to illustrate the size of a wind turbine rotor.
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