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17 October
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20 October
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21 October
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23 October
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26 October
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Climate Change Policy & Practice
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XIII World Forestry Congress (WFC 2009)

18-23 October 2009 | Buenos Aires, Argentina
WFC 2009
Highlights for Tuesday, 20 October 2009
In the morning participants met in plenary, followed by eight parallel sessions and a poster session. In the afternoon a four hour forum was held on forests and energy which consisted of three panels and a show of hands at the end of the forum on the question: will the development of bioenergy be good or bad for the forest sector? The result was inconclusive, with participants being divided evenly in their opinions. Numerous side events also took place throughout the day as well.

Daily Highlights

Saturday, 17 October - Sunday, 18 OctoberMonday, 19 October - Tuesday, 20 October - Wednesday, 21 October - Thursday, 22 October - Friday, 23 October

Organizing forest development

José Carlos Carvalho, Secretary of the Environment, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Jan McAlpine, Director, UNFF
Selected Parallel Sessions
Deforestation and forest fragmentation
Valentina Robiglio, Forester, Cameroon, and Ririn Salwa Purnamasari, Economist, World Bank
Mette Loyche Wilkie, FAO

Steffen Fritz, International Institute for Applied Systems Analyses, Austria

Valerie Kapos, UNEP, World Conservation Monitoring Center

Planted forests

Frederick Cubbage, North Carolina State University, United States

Héctor Arce, Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento Forestal, Costa Rica

Brad Sanders, APRIL, Indonesia
Rubens Garlipp, Sociedade Brasileira de Silvicultura
Industry and forest development

Luis Díaz Balteiro, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain

Monica Castro, Global Consultants in Sustainable Development, Bolivia
Daphne Hewitt, Rainforest Alliance
José Urtubey, Argentinean Forestry Association , and Olman Serrano, FAO
Forests and energy forum

John Saddler, University of British Columbia, Canada

Michael Jack, SCION, New Zealand


David Harcharik, FAO


Gerhard Dieterle, World Bank

Derek Byerlee, World Bank


James Richardson, consultant, Canada

Why Kong Hoi, Forest Research Institute, Malaysia




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