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Photos from the International Conference on Water and Sustainable Development

frh2o02s.jpg (16945 bytes) Domnique VOYNET, Minister of Spatial Planning and Environment of France opens the Conference
The Secretariat and Officials of the Conference in Plenary frh2o05s.jpg (9517 bytes)
frh2o06s.jpg (12459 bytes) Participants at the opening session
Presentation of the Conference document by Dr. Abu ZEID frh2o04s.jpg (10282 bytes)
frh2o07s.jpg (21612 bytes) French Ambassador to the CSD, Andr�ani

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The Norwegian Delegation frh2o08s.jpg (13542 bytes)
frh2o03s.jpg (14962 bytes) Amos Tincani, European Community

Rogatien Biaou (Benin), Vice-Chair of the Commission on Sustainable Development Intersessional Working Group on Strategic Approaches to Freshwater Management

frh2o09s.jpg (10901 bytes)
frh2o10s.jpg (7867 bytes) Siri Sk�re, Ministry of Environment of Norway
Delmar Blasco, Secretary General of the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar) frh2o12s.jpg (10665 bytes)
frh2o11s.jpg (11363 bytes) Philippe Delacroix (France) and Daniele Smadja (EC DG-XI) visit during the coffee break
Dianne Dillon-Ridgley, US President's Council on Sustainable Development frh2o13s.jpg (7216 bytes)
frh2o15s.jpg (9662 bytes) Marilyn Yakowitz, OECD
Joergen Hartnack, Denmark Ministry of Foreign Affairs frh2o14s.jpg (7205 bytes)