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Global Knowledge 97
Interviews and Photos


Julie Wagemakers of IISD at the combined IISD/IDRC/North-South Institute Display

John Lawrence of UNDP discusses UNDP's role in GK97

The meeting board provided an opportunity for participants to schedule meetings with others

Breakfast on Tuesday morning

Rod Araneda of IISD broadcasts the Plenary sessions using Real Audio

Kathryn White, President, Canadian Committee for UNIFEM

Jacqueline Pelletier, Master of Ceremonies, welcoming delegates back to the Monday morning Plenary session.

"You want what??!!" Carol Della Penta (CIDA) cheerfully responds to requests for assistance.

Alain Brousseau, Coordinator (CIDA), surveys the morning Plenary session from the back of the hall.

Diane Marleau, Minister for International Cooperation and Minister responsible for La Francophonie (Canada) opens the Monday morning Plenary session in the Grand Ballroom.

James D. Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank addresses the Plenary

Jos� Maria Figueres, President of Costa Rica

John Manley, Minister of Industry (Canada)

Maurice Strong, Under-Secretary-General of the UN for Reform

Joy Male, Administrator, Mengo Senior School (Uganda)

The panel of speakers for Plenary speeches on Monday's session, "Investing in Knowledge."

The "Sustainable Developments" team (Kira Schmidt, Jonathan Krueger, Silke Speier and Greg Terrill.)

Silke Speier and Greg Terrill taking notes on Plenary speeches

Chris Greenshields (Canadian Foreign Affairs and International Trade) and Soe Lin (CIDA)

Dancers The Global Knowledge '97 Conference opened with dancing provided by dancers from Canada's First Nations.

The Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, Rom�o LeBlanc welcomes guests

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John Middleton, Supervisor for GK 97 and Chief of New Products with the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank, discusses his role in the planning of the meeting, the development of the conference programme and he speaks to the "virtual" community participating throughout the world.

Pierre Marc Johnson (Canada) attending the sessions


UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank enter the Plenary Hall on the opening night

Jacqueline Pelletier, Master of Ceremonies visits before the start of the meeting

Tony Zeitoun of CIDA at the opening ceremony

Participants await the beginning of the meeting

The welcoming ceremony, hosted by the Government of Canada, preceded opening night's speeches

Alicia Barcena (UNEP)

Leslie Hazle, moderator of the GK97 list at the Education Development Center (EDC) booth

Arthur Hanson, President of IISD, visits with Tony Zeitoun of CIDA"

Students from Rankin Inlet, Northwest Territories (Canada) (RealAudion interview to come soon)