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Thursday, 25 June
Friday, 26 June & Summary Report
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Climate Change Policy & Practice
IHA World Congress 2009

23-26 June 2009 | Reykjavik, Iceland

IHA World Congress 2009
Gullfoss, Iceland's most famous waterfall, is a spectacular double cascade.

On Thursday, 25 June, delegates convened for the second day of the International Hydropower Association (IHA) 2009 World Congress. In the morning, delegates participated in panel-led discussions on hydropower development, and on investment and financing models. In the afternoon, the Congress resumed with a panel-led discussion on hydropower markets, followed by a seminar on hydropower and greenhouse gases.

Hydropower Development

Left photo: Jeremy Bird, Mekong River Commission Secretariat, Albert Geber de Melo, Electrical Energy Research Center, Brazil, Israel Phiri, Ministry of Energy and Water, Zambia, Shi Guoqing, National Research Centre for Resettlement, China, Dipak Gyawali, Former Minister of Water Resources, Nepal, and Jean-François Astolfi, Hydro Generation and Engineering Division, EDF. Right photo: Session facilitator Roger Gill, IHA.

Jeremy Bird and Albert Geber de Melo (left photo) and de Melo with Israel Phiri.
Dipak Gyawali during his presentation.

Questions from delegates.

Investment and Financing Models
A view of the dais during the session on investment and financing models.
Donal O'Leary, Transparency Internation, Gil Maranhão Neto, GDF Suez Energy, Brazil, and Lin Chuxue, China Three Gorges Project Corporation
Facilitator Jean-Michel Devernay, IHA (left photo) and Marcelo Campos Battisti, Banco Itau, Angus McCrone, New Energy Finance, and Colin Clark, Brookfield Power Corporation (right photo).
Colin Clark addresses the conference.
Question from a delegate during the morning session (left photo) and Gil Maranhão Neto and Lin Chuxue (right).
Hydropower Markets

Rhaghuveer Sharma, World Bank, Edvard Gudnason, Landsvirkjun, Iceland, Clare Rhodes-James, Mott MacDonald, Marzena Chodor, European Commission, and Reginald Hernaus, Ministry of Environment, Netherlands and Chair, DNA Forum.

Marzena Chodor, EC, Reginald Hernaus, Netherlands, and Knut Vrålstad, SN Power
Edvard Gudnason and Clare Rhodes-James (left photo) and Rhaghuveer Sharma and Edvard Gudnason (right photo).

Dam Safety and the Wenchuan Earthquake

Chen Houqun, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, described the effects of the 2008 Wenchuan Province earthquake on the region's 864 hydropower stations.
Hydropower and GHG Emissions Seminar
The issue of greenhouse gas emissions from freshwater reservoirs
Luiz Pinguelli Rosa, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
Jeremy Hancyk, AXYS Technologies, Canada, during the panel discussion.
Progress made so far in assessing net greenhouse gas emissions
Alain Tremblay, Hydro Quebec, Canada.
Andre Cimbleris, FURNAS, during the panel discussion.
UNESCO/IHA GHG research project
Jon Guõmundsson, Agricultural University of Iceland, and Joel Goldenfum, IHA (right photo).
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