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"Interlinkages- International Conference on Synergies and Coordination between Multilateral Environmental Agreements"
14-16 July 1999, Tokyo, Japan

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Briefing and Photos for 15 July

On the second day of the International Conference on Synergies and Coordination between Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs), conference participants met in five working groups on: scientific mechanismss, synergies for sustainable development, finance, harmonization of information systmes and information exchanges and issue management
Conference participants met in five Working Groups throughout the day . . . . .

Special Working Group on Synergies for Sustainable Development . . .

Gary Sampson, Former Director, CTE, WTO Lars Nordberg, Executive Secretary, LRTAP, and Michael Graber, Deputy Execturive Secretary, Montreal Protocol David Victor (right), Council on Foreign Relations
Working Group on Harmonization of Information Systems and Information Exchanges . . .

Working Group Chair Mark Collins, World Conservation Monitoring Centre

Langston James Goree, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

N. Sundararaman, IPCC and WMO, Apichai Sunchindoh, ASEAN Secretariat, and Langston James Goree, IISD

Arie Djoekardi, Deputy Assistant Minister, Ministry of Environment, Indonesia (right)

Working Group on Scientific Mechanisms . . .

Co-Chair of the working group Akiko Domoto, President, GLOBE, Japan

Ahma Bin Buang, Assistant Director, ITTO (left)

Co-Chair Robert Watson, IPCC and World Bank

Taka Hiraishi, Executive Visiting Researcher, NIES, IGES (middle)


Working Group on Issue Management . . . .
Starting from left and clockwise: John Hutton, Africa Resources Trust, Andre Tahindro, UN Legal Office, Law of the Sea, Co-Chair Brett Orlando, IUCN, Co-Chair Salvano Briceno, Formerly with the CCD and the FCCC, and Yasuko Matsumoto, Asscociate Professor, Suwa College, Science University of Tokyo, and Augustine Koh, Office of the Environment, APO
Working Group on Finance . . .
Chair Remy Paris, OECD

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