World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) International Eminent Persons Meeting on Interlinkages Bridging Problems and Solutions to Work Towards Sustainable Development

Tokyo, Japan 3-4 September 2001

Working Group Highlights

Working Group 1: Linkages between Chapters of Agenda 21

Working Group Chair Jan Pronk, Minister of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment, the Netherlands
Presenter Akiko Domoto, Governor of Chiba Prefecture ( gave a presentation on International Environmental Governance Its Impact on Social and Human Development

Bradnee Chambers, Fellow, UNU Institute of Advanced Studies (, with Presenter Gary Sampson, Chair of International Economic Relations, UNU/IAS (

Click here for Gary Sampson's background note

Frank Loy, Former US Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs (

Lilia Casanova, Deputy Director, UNEP-IETC Shiga Office ( and John W. Sewell, Senior Scholar, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (

Chair Jan Pronk

Hafiz Pasha, Assistant Secretary-General, Director of the UNDP Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific (

Working Group 1

Working Group 2: Linkages between MEAs  
Working Group Chair Delmar Blasco, Secretary General, Ramsar Convention on Wetlands (
Presenter Felix Dodds, Executive Director, UNED-Forum ( and Kiliparti Ramadrishna, Deputy Director, the Woods Hole Research Center (, and Langston "Kimo" Goree, Director, Reporting Services, International Institute for Sustainable Development (

Presenters Mukul Sanwal, Outreach Officer, UNFCCC Secretariat ( discussed a Framework for MEA Cooperation and Felix Dodds gave a presentation on Inter-linkages Among Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Hiroko Shimizu, Project Assistant, Global Environment Information Center (GEIC), UNU ( and Presenter Carlene Van Toen, Project Research Assistant, GEIC/UNU ( gave a presentation on
Presenter Ambassador Richard Elliot Benedick, Joint Global Change Research Insitute ( discussed Environmental Decision Making and Multilateral Environmental Agreements
Lee Kimball, Independent Consultant and representing LEAD International ( and Dr. Kiliparti Ramakrishna, Deputy Director, The Woods Hole Research Center (
Kimo Goree, IISD (left), during the Working Group discussions
Lee Kimball, Dr. Kiliparti Ramakrishna and Hilary French, Director of the Global Governance Project, Worldwatch Institute (
Taka Hiraishi, Senior Consultant, IGES (left)

Working Group 3: Strategies for Sustainable Development
Working Group Chair Norman Myers, Honorary Visiting Fellow, Green College, Oxford University, (
Presenter Yoginder Alagh, Former Minister of Power, Science and Technology and Planning of India, Sardar Patel Institute of Economic and Social Research ( or presented a Sustainable Development Framework
Presenter Kazuo Matsushita, Acting Vice-President, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies ( an Asia-Pacific Environmental Innovation Strategy Project
Professor Hisakazu Kato, Graduate School of Law, Nagoya University ( (left) and Thangavel Palanivel, Fellow, UNU Institute of Advanced Studies (
Presenter Dr. Kim Semenovich Losev, Senior Scientist, VINITI, and Professor, Moscow University ( discussed Ecological Issues and Sustainable Development Perspectives of Russia at the Beginning of the 21st Century
Working Group 3
Kazuo Matsushita, Acting Vice-President, IGES, and Dr. Xia Guang, Director, Policy Research Center, State Environmental Protection Administration (
Filbert Kouassi Gleglaud, Counsellor, Embassy of Cote d'Ivoire (

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