Sustainable developments

Miscellaneous pictures from the 3rd IUCN World Conservation Congress
Nirmalíe Pallewatta, University of Colombo - Sri Lanka and Stas Burgiel, Defenders of Wildlife


Panel from "Climate Change - Making Risk and Uncertainty"


Participants at the "Lessons learned and ways forward in the Conservation of Medicinal Species" panel discussion


Maryanne Grieg-Gran, Director of Environmental Economics Programme,  during her conference about "Pitfalls and Potential in Addressing Equity - How can MES work for the poor?"


Photos from the Thai Reception and Dinner of Friday night




Miquel Muñoz (Spain), Ivy Marvin (United States of America), and Karen Alvarenga (Brazil)

Photos from the Reception of Saturday night


Participants during the contact group "The protection of seamounts, deep sea corals and other vulnerable deep sea habitats from destructive fishing practices, including bottom trawling, on the high seas"


Participants during Monday's afternoon session


Sarantuyaa Zandaryaa (Mongolia) and Richard Sherman (South Africa), IUCN Bulletin writers

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