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Nyv�gar Rorbuhotell - conference site


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Oddmund Graham delivers the opening address
as participants embark on a boat ride
for dinner and fishing through the Lofoton Islands

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The Boat Ride

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Rae-Kwon Chung and Erik Brandsma catch fish

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Then the Work begins...

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Chair Joke Waller Hunter gives the opening speech...

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...participants engage in dialogue in Plenary...

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...discussion groups formulate recommendations...

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...discussion groups present their recommendations in Plenary...

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...Norwegian Secretary of State Jesper W. Simonsen delivers the closing remarks.

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Participants board the boat again for a trip to Steigen,
site of a pilot project of the Sustainable Local Communities Initiative...

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...enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains as they cruise through the Westfjord...

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...are welcomed by a live band at the dock...

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...visit the local fish plant, founded in 1920...

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...are greeted by the Mayor of Steigen...

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...enjoy a theater presentation by local school children...
(here, the evil Dr. CO2 and the Eco-Fairy battle it out over a sleeping carrot)

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... are offered insights into local traditions by an exhibition prepared by the students of Leines School...

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... and return to the conference site (home sweet home!) for the final dinner with the Secretary of State.