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Village Power 2000
Empowering People and Transforming Markets
 4-8 December 2000, The World Bank





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Meeting participants gather outside the conference room..

On Wednesday, 6 December, breakout conference sessions were held in the morning and afternoon, with a keynote address by Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Co-Chair, G8 Renewable Energy Task Force.


Scaling Up Rural Energy Access

Policy Issues in Scaling Up Rural Energy Services

Charles Feinstein, Principle Operations Coordinator, the World Bank, sought to dispel two myths related to village power: that local desires for clean air function as a driver for renewable energy technologies; and that the recent collapse of the climate negotiations would hinder market development. He highlighted climate mitigation and the potential carbon market as real drivers of the village power agenda, and called for clear rules under the Clean Development Mechanism that allow for the development of small projects.


Rural Electrification Financing

Eufemia Mendoza, Development Bank of the Philippines, discussed how the Bank is responding to emerging trends related to environmental protection and sustainable development, and presented examples of renewable energy projects.

Ensuring Equitable Benefits From Rural Energy Services

Hasna Khan, Director of Prokaushali Sangsad Ltd., Bangladesh, highlighted an initiative to allow women to function as service providers, not just users of energy. She said lessons learned from this project include that cooperatives of rural women are effective entrepreneurs and innovators, and that long-term low interest loans will be needed to activate the market for Solar Home Systems.


Bundled Services: Transforming Rural Markets

Teodoro Sánchez Campos, ITDG Peru, Chair Susan Goldmark, World Bank, Pavankumar Siddhi, Sungrace Energy Solutions, India, and Philippe Renzy de Martin, Shell Solar. 

Traditional Fuels and Household Energy

To Save the Forest You Have to Exploit It Commercially

Ismail Touré, Project Coordinator from the Malian National Department of Hydrology and Energy, presents a case study of village driven forest management in Mali. The energy sector of Mali is characterized by overexploitation of finite forestry resources and its total dependency on imported petroleum products.

Commercial Conversion of Rural Resources

Hari Sharan of DESIPower argues the case for biomass-based power stations in India.

Technology Update and Applications

Kurt Nass from Honeywell Power System, promoted micro-turbines as a low maintenance cost, low emissions and low environmental impact technology.


Pilots With Promise  

Ian Gould of NREL speaks on a commercial wind-diesel system in Alaska, which supplies public power and electricity for a local airport.

Keynote Address

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Chair of the Royal Dutch Shell Group and Co-Chair of the G8 Renewable Energy Task Force, gives the keynote address.  Sir Moody-Stuart briefly outlined his task force's programme review for renewable energy.

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In the discussion following the presentation, participants raised issues relating to, inter alia: linkages between provision of rural energy services and other basic services; contributions of the NGO community in the renewable energy sector; restructuring of subsidies in the energy sector; development of human capacity to service renewable energy technologies; and the possibility to integrate debt-swaps into the financing of renewable forms of energy production.

Wrap-Up Session: Where Do We Go From Here?

Richard Jones of the UK Department for International Development speaks on the linkages between ICT and energy during a wrap-up session. Other panelists included representatives of the World Bank, the Jamaican government, UNDP, the Dutch Ministry for International Cooperation, the International Finance Corporation, Winrock International and USAID.


Out And About

Solar technologies, including this lamp that runs off a PV cell, are on display in the World Bank building atrium.
A window in the Solar Village hut reveals meeting participants examining low-voltage lamps.

A sun oven is among the technologies on display.

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