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Briefing for Tuesday, 27 April

Drafting Groups commence negotiations at CSD-7

Two drafting groups settled down to negotiations Monday at CSD-7. Drafting Group I, chaired by Navid Hanif (Pakistan) considered the intersessional working group�s (ISWG) report on consumption and production patterns and tourism (E/CN.17/1999/16) and outcomes from the Tourism and High-Level Segments. There was some confusion about the methodology for taking up focus points identified at the High-Level Segment, with the EU representative expressing �astonishment� at the procedures introduced for the negotiations. One explanation offered by negotiators close to CSD-7 Chair Simon Upton was the failure of the morning CSD Bureau meeting to decide on the precise modalities that would ensure that ideas raised by ministers last week achieved sufficient visibility and consideration once negotiations commenced.

Drafting Group II, chaired by Sandor Mozes (Hungary), broke into two informal working groups: one on oceans and seas, chaired by the UK�s Alan Simcock, and one on Small Island Developing States (SIDS), chaired by John Ashe of Antigua and Barbuda. The informal group on oceans and seas considered the ISWG�s proposed elements for a draft decision (E/CN.17/1999/17) along with the focus points identified at the High-Level Segment. A third drafting group commences work Tuesday.

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