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The fifth session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) for the Convention to Combat Desertification

Geneva, Switzerland, 1-12 October 2001

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Joseph Deiss


Monday, 1 October 2001
The Fifth Conference of the Parties to the Convention to Combat Desertification (COP-5) opened Monday at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. After a brief opening ceremony with statements by CCD Executive Secretary Hama Arba Diallo, CCD COP-4 President Zambiin Batjargal, and Head of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs Joseph Deiss, Plenary was suspended. After a short break, Plenary resumed and considered and adopted the agenda and elected the bureau members

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Hama Arba Diallo

In his opening statement, CCD Executive Secretary Hama Arba Diallo expressed sympathy to the US government and people for the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania. He also expressed sympathy to the Swiss government for those killed in the Swiss town of Zug on September 27th.  A minute of silence was observed for the victims of these recent tragic events

President Zambiin Batjargal, on behalf of the members of the COP bureau, also expressed condolences and sympathy to the representatives of the US for the tragic events of September 11th, and to the Swiss authorities for the tragic event that occurred in Zug on September 27th. In his opening statement, he said that the Convention had become one of the major international instruments dealing not only with land degradation, but with the issue of sustainable development on the whole. He also said that areas affected by the negative impacts of drought and desertification serve as indicators of poverty and they are the core linkages between environmental issues that include climate change, biodiversity and other relevant environmental multilateral agreements. COP-4 President said that there is a strong need for enhanced cooperation in supporting the efforts of the affected developing countries that are implementing the Convention and that partnerships are the keys for the successful implementation of the Convention. He also highlighted the positive development of land degradation of possibly becoming a new Global Environment Facility (GEF) focal area. Before concluding, Cop-4 President Batjargal wished the next COP President the best of luck and urged him to work even closer with the Secretariat

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Zambiin Batjargal

Rogatien Biaou

Rogatien Biaou, Benin, expressed concerns related to procedural issues
President Basset thanked delegates and his colleagues from the Western European and Others Group (WEOG) for entrusting him as President, and thanked the outgoing COP-4 President for his work. While noting that the world has changed after 11 September, now having to deal with new security issues, he drew attention to the fact that the problem of desertification continues to affect tens of millions of people around the world. He drew attention to the high-level segment to take place during the second week of the meeting, calling for an exciting and dynamic policy-level discussion. He described this COP as a community representing many interests, capable of finding solutions in the interest of all. He said there are no quick solutions in the area of desertification

Charles Basset

Jozef Buys, Belgium representing the EU at the CCD

Belgium, on behalf of the EU, called attention to item 7(g) of the provisional agenda on review of the implementation of the Convention and its institutional arrangements. He said consideration of conclusions or recommendations by the CST in this context had been dropped from the agenda, and suggested it be reinserted. Delegates then adopted the agenda, as amended

Franklin Moore

Franklin Moore, head of the US delegation, proposed that all legal issues planned for the second week be dealt with during the first week, as the legal experts were likely leave at the end of the first week. Plenary agreed that the meeting of the legal experts would take place on Wednesday, 3 October, in order to ensure translation facilities were available

Per Ryd�n, the Global Mechanism's Managing Director

The Global Mechanism is expected to present its biennial report during this session of the COP



View of Mont Blanc from the Palais des Nations

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