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The fifth session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) for the Convention to Combat Desertification

Geneva, Switzerland, 1-12 October 2001

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Wednesday, 10 October 2001
Delegates met in a morning and early evening session and concluded hearing statements on CCD implementation in the High Level Special Segment. Plenary met in the afternoon for the open NGO dialogue to consider the inclusion of NGOs within the official COP work programme. Informal contact groups negotiations on the committee for the review of implementation (CRIC) and programme and budget continued, but did not conclude their deliberations

Girigisson Gado, Chairman of the Round Table of Parliamentarians 

Girigisson Gado

Delegates at the High Level Special Segment also adopted a draft COP decision on the fourth Round Table of Parliamentarians. The Round Table, which was held in Geneva from 4-5 October 2001, resulted in a Declaration that, inter alia, notes the parliamentarians’ deep alarm at increasing environmental degradation, particularly desertification, which “threatens the very basis of life on earth,” and affirms their commitment to contribute fully to CCD implementation, including support for making land degradation a GEF focal area

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COP-5 President Charles Basset opened the final day of the High Level Special Segment on CCD implementation. During this session, many speakers noted the linkages between the CCD and other MEAs, and developing country representatives in particular called for more financial support and capacity building. In addition, a number of delegates welcomed a proposal that the GEF designate land degradation as a focal area for funding. The role of civil society and NGOs was also recognized


Claude Absa Diallo

Madame Claude Absa Diallo, Senegal, outlined her country's actions to combat desertification, including a decentralization process helping local communities manage their resources. She said the CCD should have the same profile as other MEAs at the WSSD

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Sushma Choudhary, India, outlined progress in NAP implementation, highlighting the cross-sectoral Integrated Watershed Programme and land rejuvenation and the need for empowerment of women

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Sushma Choudhary

Mya Than, Myanmar, highlighted his country’s wealth of historical and cultural heritage sites threatened by desertification and outlined its Three-Year Greening Project targeting the country’s dry zone

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Mya Than

Franco Micieli de Biase

Ambassador Franco Micieli de Biase, Italy said the GEF should not be the sole funding source for the CCD, announced a doubling of Italy’s voluntary contribution, and supported the Global Mechanism 
Noting their geographic isolation, SAMOA and FIJI called for assistance in formulating integrated subregional and regional plans

Peniasi Kunatuba, the representative of Fiji


The NGO Panel on civil society involvement in CCD implementation


Juan Luis Mérega, Argentina, highlighted the participatory process in combating desertification, and noted its involvement in South-South cooperation. He also supported establishing a CRIC and finding predictable funding for RCUs

Juan Luis Mérega

Zakiya Uzoma-Wadada

Zakiya Uzoma-Wadada, Caribbean Network for Integrated Rural Development, outlined key requirements for effective NGO consultation, and expressed hope that the dialogue would help top-level decision makers understand the role of NGOs and produce tangible recommendations and results

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Sina Maiga, Association de Formation et d’Appui au Développement, and Anne Mossige, Drylands Coordination Group, presented findings from studies in Mali and Ethiopia to draw lessons on the participation of civil society organizations (CSOs) and local level actors in CCD implementation. Maiga recommended the role of CSOs as facilitator in, inter alia, resource mobilization, capacity building and training, communication, experience sharing, and coordination with national- and regional-level actors

Sina Maiga

Anne Mossige reported a relative lack of civil society involvement in NAP development in Ethiopia, due to deficiencies in resources, issue awareness and coordination, and proposed strengthening donor support and NGO-government coordination, and supporting mainstreaming and adopting a bottom-up approach

Anne Mossige


Getachew Eshete, Ethiopian Environmental Protection Authority, stressed the importance of support to effectively implement NAPs

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Masse Lo

Masse Lo, representing the NGOs, said that Southern NGOs should address effective implementation, while Northern organizations should focus on the mobilization of funds and opinions

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Jürgen Gliese, AG Desertifikation/Forum Umwelt & Entwicklung, presented results of a survey of German NGOs, noting, inter alia, low awareness of linkages with the CCD, the need for capacity building at the government and NGO levels in developing countries and the importance of NGO involvement in policy making

Jürgen Gliese

Yehiel Yadid


Yehiel Yadid, Israel, highlighted efforts to promote regional coordination
Signature ceremony of Strategic Partnership for Implementation of the UNCCD in the Central Asian Republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Below: Pictures of the signing ceremony


Representatives of the Central Asian Republics


Per Rydén, GM, with the representative of the GTZ

COP-5 President Charles Basset
Through the Global Mechanism's Community Exchange and Training Programme (CETP), an agreement was entered into with the CCD Project of the GTZ to Promote Local Participation and Traditional Knowledge in Central Asia 


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