Sixth Session of the COP of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification 
Havana, Cuba, 25 Aug.- 5 Sept., 2003




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Delegate from Cuba presented the declaration on Arts and Culture during the afternoon COP Plenary


Delegates convened in bilateral and informal consultations on the programme and budget throughout the day and late into the night. The COP convened in afternoon and evening sessions, eventually concluding its work at 1:43 am on Saturday, 6 September.

Listen to the closing comments of:

* Click here for the Earth Negotiatins Bulletin (ENB) full text summary of COP-6

COP-6 President
Simeón Negrín

UNCCD COP-6 plenary was finally gavelled to a close at 1:43 am, September 6th.

Otto Gustafik of the Secretariat

COP-6 President Simeón Negrín with Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada (President of the National Assembly of Cuba)



COW Chair Ositadinma Anaedu (Nigeria)

Grégoire de Kalbermatten, Deputy Executive Secretary

Hama Arba Diallo, CCD Executive Secretary



Massimo Candelori of the Secretariat

Annemarie Watt (Australia) was elected Vice-chair of the CRIC

Delegate from Italy speaking on behalf of the EU



John Ashe, Chair of the informal consultations on the programme and budget, reports on the group's work

Delegate from Belarus giving a closing statement on behalf of Central and Eastern Europe

Delegate from Jamaica waiting to express his final points



John Matuszak of the (US) also made closing comments

Mohammed Arrouchi and Askarn Omar from Morocco. Omar (on right) presented a draft decision (on behalf of the G-77/China) thanking Cuba's government and people for hosting COP-6


(Left to rIght:) Lefu Manyokole, Tebello Metsing, Jane Malephane, Nkareng 'Mota (Lesotho)

Ana Maria Hernandez from Colombia (left) and Delegate from Chile (right)

Delegates of the Group of Latin America and the Caribbean

Javad Amin-Mansur (Iran) presented the decisions of the Ad hoc Group of Experts

Naser Moghaddasi and Hosein Maleki (Iran)



Delegate from Barbados

(Left to right:) Gitte Motzfeldt, Solveig Raaheim Grønsdal and Anne Marie Skjold (Norway)


Innocent Bizimana and Cyprien Bishangara (Rwanda)

Per Rydén, Managing Director of the Global Mechanism

COP-6 President Simeón Negrín in the foyer with colleagues, waiting for today's COP plenary to begin

Bart Snels (Global Mechanism)

Delegates considering documents



Dannell Price, UN Headquarters, New York

Hama Arba Diallo (CCD Executive Secretary), COP-6 President Simeón Negrín and Oscar Oramas from UNCCD-Secretariat


Delegates from Mexico

Members of the Secretariat at the closing of the COP-6


Diallo and Negrín congratulate each other on the closing of the COP

"Muchacha" by Jesus Díaz Morán

"La Boga y el Tabaquero" by Inti Abascal



"Juliana" by Adrian Infante
Examples of artwork by Cuban artists displayed throughout the conference center

ENB team members seen through the eyes of a Cuban caricaturist at the Plaza de la Catedral in Old Havana. (Left to right, top to bottom:) Mongi Gadhoum, Andrey Vavilov, Kimo Goree, Lisa Schipper, Juliet Jones, Karen Alvarenga, Leslie Paas, Dagmar Lohan, and Richard Sherman. See the ENB staff page for real photos and brief biographies -

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