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First Session of the Committee for the Review
of the Implementation of the Convention (CRIC1)

Rome, Italy | 11 - 22 November 2002

Tuesday 12 |

Delegates met in morning and afternoon sessions to hear case-studies and consider issues related to the thematic reviews from the Asian, Latin America and Caribbean, and Northern Mediterranean and Central and Eastern European regions and other affected Parties. The sessions addressed the thematic issues related to: participatory processes involving civil society, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs); legislative and institutional frameworks or arrangements; and linkages and synergies with other environmental conventions and, as appropriate, with national development strategies.
In the afternoon session, delegates reflected on the presentations from the previous days, focusing on the lessons learned and whether implementation of the CCD is moving in the correct direction. Several participants noted the need for:
finding the right tools for promoting public participation in each country;
creating institutions and laws that aim to promote sustainable development;
targeting young people to become involved in participatory programmes to ensure the long-term success of anti-desertification measures;
addressing synergies at the local as well as at the national and regional levels; and
demonstrating that anti-desertification measures have reduced impacts and confirming that greater participation and capacity-building are the correct measures to take.

CRIC Chair Biaou commented on the presentations stating that in terms of participation there needs to be:
private sector involvement including academics;
strong incentives to get and keep people involved; and
an emphasis on decentralized decision-making.

Regarding legislative and institutional frameworks, he recommended:
a collection of laws is needed to address desertification issues;
laws must not only be drafted and adopted, but be applied at all levels; and
necessary human, financial and material resources should given to existing institutions.

In terms of synergies among MEAs, he stressed:
they can give added value regarding effective and efficient use of human, financial, and material resources;
success requires a firm commitment by governments to ensure general coordination to avoid overlap and duplication of work; and
the need to design and implement projects and activities that meet the main objectives of the CCD while promoting synergies.


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