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IISD RS 2018 Funding Campaign

*Earth Negotiations Bulletin

For over twenty years, IISD has been tracking and reporting the “real-time” story of sustainable development, as the world has been negotiating. No other organization in the world has this track record. IISD’s Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) has moved the multilateral environmental agreement (MEA) policy making process towards greater transparency, and it has become the de facto independent record for MEA negotiations. The ENB reports are an objective summary of a meeting’s proceedings and are considered by many UN delegates, NGOs and UN staff to be essential reading.

Please support IISD with a financial contribution and help guarantee our conference reporting at key meetings during 2018. All inquiries are to be directed to jennifer@iisd.org.

+Want to see more than a Summary Report?

IISD RS is unable to provide full coverage at certain meetings due to lack of funding. If you would like to provide funding for full coverage at a particular meeting, please contact Jennifer Covert at jennifer@iisd.org.

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