Frequently Asked Questions about IISD’s Mailing Lists

IISD is revolutionizing the way its subscribers receive email updates on essential sustainable development news. In the first half of 2017, IISD will upgrade its list processing software to improve the user experience and provide more flexibility. Below are some frequently asked questions about the list transition process and how it affects subscribers.

1. What are IISD’s mailing lists?

For more than 20 years, IISD has maintained a group of mailing lists for those in the sustainable development community. This includes peer-to-peer lists such as CLIMATE-L, BIOVERSITY-L, WATER-L, etc. It also includes one-way distribution lists for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, the SDG Update, the Linkages Update, and the Climate Change Jobs Vacancies Update.

2. How are these lists currently managed?

As of March 2017, all of IISD’s lists run on the Lyris platform. Lyris, though it has served readers well, is now outdated and presents problems for subscribers and administrators. Users may have trouble managing their subscription options, and administrators lack the flexibility to send dynamic content and track email open-rates. In addition, the peer-to-peer list functionality does not integrate well with IISD’s websites.

3. Will IISD be moving away from the Lyris platform?

Yes. IISD will migrate all of its subscribers from the Lyris platform to a new, modern list processing system called Campaign Monitor. Campaign Monitor provides benefits including the ability to generate dynamic emails based on subscription preferences, send reports in beautifully designed and more legible email formats, and the ability to login and manage preferences more easily than before. Campaign Monitor also includes many “under-the-hood” improvements over Lyris, making email distribution more quick and efficient.

4. When will the transition from Lyris to Campaign Monitor take place?

The transition from Lyris to Campaign Monitor will take place in a phased process over the next few months. We will start with our one-way lists like the Earth Negotiations Bulletin list and the SDG Update. Then, we will begin transitioning our peer-to-peer lists such as CLIMATE-L, BIODIVERSITY-L, etc. Those lists will disappear entirely, and content will be distributed based on your subscription preferences. For now, you won’t notice any big difference. You will continue to receive the ENB as usual, although the format will be more modern.

5. Wait, you’re going to get rid of CLIMATE-L and BIODIVERSITY-L?

Yes, that’s right. The L-lists as you know them will cease to exist. What we are doing is creating a new set of subscription preferences organized around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and regions of the world. Right now, if you are a CLIMATE-L subscriber and an AFRICASD-L subscriber, for example, you receive messages from other users as they are sent to the lists, or you receive two daily digests (one on climate change and the other on Africa). When the new system is implemented, you will receive a single daily digest that contains information about both climate change and Africa in a simple, clear format. This will reduce clutter in your inbox and allow you to maximize your time on only the content you want to receive.

6. How will subscription preferences be set up?

Subscription preferences are organized around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, 4 regional areas of interest and Newsletters such as ENB, SDG Update, etc. You can also indicate additional language preferences, so that when reports are available in a certain language you will receive them.

7. Since subscription preferences are organized around the SDGs, what will happen to my CLIMATE-L subscription?

We plan to transfer all users from the Lyris platform to Campaign Monitor. This means that your current subscriptions (to CLIMATE-L or WATER-L, for example) will be mapped onto the SDGs. So, if you are currently a subscriber to CLIMATE-L, LAND-L and WATER-L, your subscription preferences for Campaign Monitor will automatically include SDG 7, SDG 13, SDG 15, and SDG 6.

8. How do I manage my account in Campaign Monitor and change my subscription preferences?

At the bottom of every message you receive from IISD, there will be a link to manage your subscription preferences.

9. Will Lyris and Campaign Monitor be running at the same time?

Yes. As we transition, both the Lyris and Campaign Monitor systems will be in effect. Campaign Monitor will initially be used for one-way emails, including distribution of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin and the SDG Update. After we transition the peer-to-peer L-lists, then we will retire Lyris.

10. What if I want to unsubscribe?

You can always unsubscribe by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email message. We ask that you review your subcription preferences first, to ensure that you are not missing out on other IISD Community, IISD Reporting Services/ENB, or SDG Knowledge Hub messaging that you may avidly read.

11. How do I post to a list?

For the time being, Lyris will still be used to post to the peer-to-peer L-lists. This means there is no change to how posting takes place--you can post to the lists as you have always done. In a few short months, after the peer-to-peer lists have been transitioned to Campaign Monitor, you’ll be able to post directly to the IISD Community website and will also be able to tag your content and target it specifically to other readers.

12. Who should I contact for assistance?

If you have any problems, please immediately email with your questions.