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International Conference on Financing for Development

New York, USA; 15 - 19 October 2001


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Monday, 16 October 2001
elegates gathered at UN Headquarters in New York to convene the second half of the Third PrepCom for the FfD process. In the morning, delegates elected new members of the Bureau, adopted the organization of work, agreed to accredit recommended lists of NGO and business organizations to the FfD process, considered the Fourth report of the Bureau on preparations and draft provisional rules of procedure for the Conference, and unveiled the official Conference poster. In the afternoon, following introduction of a series of 10 technical notes from the Secretary-General, the PrepCom began discussing the Draft Outcome

Co-Chair Amb. Ruth Jacoby, Sweden, opened the PrepCom at 10:45 am and welcomed all participants, including governments, stakeholders in the FfD process and representatives of international organizations. She stressed the importance of the FfD process in meeting international development targets and the priorities identified in the Millennium Summit Declaration

Ruth Jacoby

Shamshad Ahmad

Co-Chair Jacoby asked the PrepCom to consider election of an additional Co-Chair, delegates elected Amb. Shamshad Ahmad, Pakistan, as Co-Chair

Ambassador Ahmad thanked delegates and stressed the importance of teamwork between developed and developing countries for facing the challenges posed by the process


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Chuchai Kasemsarn

Ambassador Chuchai Kasemsarn, Thailand,  pledged his country’s full support for the FfD process
Vice-Chair Jana Simonová, Czech Republic, outlined discussions of the open-ended bureau task force on the format of the conference, which are reflected in the report. Ms. Simonová emphasized the multi-sectoral nature of the format across the conference’s high-level, ministerial and summit segments

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Jana Simonová

Amb. Jorge Navarrete, Mexico


UN Executive Co-Coordinator Oscar de Rojas introduced the Update on activities planned or undertaken in the respective areas pursuant to GA resolution. He highlighted requests for action on FfD’s global public awareness campaign and on business sector participation and outlined the annexes and their relevant activities. Regarding concrete initiatives, he noted that the FfD trust fund had enabled the presence this week of over 50 delegates


The unveiling of the Financing for Development Poster
Left to right: Shamshad Ahmad, Ruth Jacoby, Therésè Gastaut and Oscar de Rojas


The Poster

Ms. Gastaut affirmed that the monthly meetings of the working group on the public awareness campaign are open to information officers of all organizations and clarified that the poster’s design was intended to show that FfD is a process that reflects interdependence among continents


Edmund Cain

Edmund Cain, on behalf of the Cater Center announced a forum that seeks to identify obstacles to international cooperation, based on studies in four countries
Nikolai Tchoulkov, The Russian FEderation, said FfD’s task is to draw on international experience to help governments of developing countries and counties with economies in transition to determine the most effective use of both domestic resources and international financial flows for development

Nikolai Tchoulkov

Chung Byung-ha, Korea, called for, inter alia: an inclusive, realistic results-based Draft Outcome; detailed strategies with reasonable timeframes; and reform of multilateral trade organizations

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Chung Byung-ha

Yukio Takasu

Yukio Takasu, Japan, emphasized a realistic approach to creating a concise and positive message. He also focused on: individual human security in pursuing the overall goal of development; ownership and responsibility for development in developing countries; output over input; capacity building and human resource development; and cooperation through existing institutions

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At 3:10 pm, Co-Chair Ahmad opened the second session of the PrepCom by introducing Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs Nitin Desai. Emphasizing that the FfD process is particularly important at this moment in history, Mr. Desai remarked that the �rapid slowing down of the world economy� to a growth rate of 1.4 percent, due partly to the recent terrorist attacks, enhances the need for a productive FfD process that would �instill major confidence and an important positive boost.� Mr. Desai also acknowledged the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the UN and the Secretary-General and he noted the Organization�s obligation to show that the award is not just a recognition for the past, but also a promise for the future. Mr. Desai underscored the importance of the private sector�s strong interest in FfD and thanked governments for the high level of representation, particularly from capitals

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Nitin Desai

Picture of the Conference room prior to the start of the days' session


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