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Web Coverage/ Summary
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Fifth Forest Investment Program (FIP) Pilot Countries Meeting

24-26 September 2013 | Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Highlights for Wednesday, 25 September 2013
On Wednesday, 25 September, participants from the Forest Investment Program (FIP) pilot countries, civil society, non-governmental organizations and multilateral development banks reconvened for the second day of the Fifth FIP Pilot Countries Meeting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

In the morning, participants resumed discussions on the FIP proposed approach to results management and annual reporting. Christine Roehrer, Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Climate Investment Funds (CIF) Administrative Unit, congratulated participants for having reached consensus on an approach for results measurement and reporting on FIP investment plans. They also heard presentations on Indonesia’s FIP Investment Plan and improving local governance through Kapeha, also known as Forest Management Units.

In the afternoon, participants were provided with an opportunity to give a brief overview of their institutional arrangements for national forest management and governance. They heard presentations from Unilever and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) on private sector involvement in REDD+ and other related activities. They also heard a presentation from The Nature Conservancy on jurisdictional approaches to REDD+ as well as a presentation from the Brazilian delegation on a successful FIP project entitled “Environmental Regularization of Rural Lands in the Cerrado Biome.”

Funke Oyewole, Deputy Program Manager, CIF Administrative Unit, closing the meeting, thanked the Government of Indonesia for their generous hospitality, noting that the rich discussions over the course of the two days had been beneficial in exchanging knowledge, ideas and experiences. The meeting was closed at 5.53pm.

A field trip to the Yogyakarta Forest Management Unit will take place on Thursday, 26 September.
Funke Oyewole, Deputy Program Manager, CIF Administrative Unit, giving her final remarks about the meeting.
Conclusion of Discussion on Results Framework
Shaanti Kapila, Global Support Program Coordinator, CIF Administrative Unit
Christine Roehrer, Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, CIF Administrative Unit
Participants’ assessment of their understanding of results management and annual reporting
Gerhard Dieterle, World Bank
Participants during the morning session
Participants take the floor during question-and-answer sessions.
Artur Cardoso de Lacerda, Ministry of Finance, Brazil
Andrea Kutter, FIP Senior Program Coordinator, CIF Administrative Unit
Ben Green, Department for International Development, United Kingdom

Setting the Context: Indonesia’s FIP Investment Plan
Agus Sarsito, Director of Forestry Development Coordination for Sumatera Region, Ministry of Forestry, Indonesia
Michael Brady (left), International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Musah Abu Juam (right), Ministry of Land and Natural Resources, Ghana
Yohanes Balubun, Dewan Kehutanan Nasional
Nur Masripatin (right), Ministry of Forestry, Indonesia
Juan Martínez, World Bank
Khamseme Ounekhem, Laos

Improving Local Governance through the KPH System
Is Mugiono, Ministry of Forestry, Indonesia
Félicien Mulenda Kahenga (left), Ministry of Finance, Democratic Republic of Congo
Ir. Taufik (right), Ministry of Forestry, Indonesia
Laouali Garba (left), African Development Bank
Oppon Sasu (right), Forestry Commission, Ghana

Private Sector Investment in REDD+ and Related Activites
Perpetua George, Unilever
Srinivasan Ancha, Asian Development Bank
Samuel Yeye (right), Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Burkina Faso
Michael Brady, International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Berencie Hernández Toro (right), Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, Mexico
Bertrand Tapsoba (left), Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Burkina Faso

Jurisdictional Approaches to REDD+ in Indonesia
Lex Hovani, The Nature Conservancy Indonesia

Brazilian presentation on Environmental Regularization of Rural Lands in the Cerrado Biome
Carla Leal Lourenço de Miranda, Ministry of Environment, Brazil

Around the venue
Exhibition stands at the meeting

Indonesian art around the venue

Funding for coverage of this meeting has been provided by CIF
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