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Geneva, 3-14 May 1999


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Briefing for Friday, 07 May

On day five of IFF-3, delegates met in afternoon Plenary session to continue substantive discussion of international arrangements and mechanisms to promote the management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests. In the morning, WG1 met to review Co-Chairs' draft text on forest research, underlying causes, TFRK, and forest conservation and protected areas. Contact groups on trade and environment and ESTs continued deliberations. WG2 convened briefly to hear reports on the work of the contact groups. Over the weekend, delegates will participate in an excursion to an experimental plot for forest ecosystem research and urban forests.

Photos and RealAudio from Friday, 07 May

Co-Chair Bagher Asadi facilitating the Plenary.

Benni Sormin, the Indonesian delegate, in the Plenary studying documents on Category III on international arrangements and mechanisms.


Laura Ivers, ENB, and Ralph Schmidt, UNDP, discussing progress of IFF-3 on the final day of the first week.

Ilkka Ristimäki, Co-Chair, opens the 5th meeting of WG 2.

Don Wijaywardana, Chair of the Contact Group on Trade and Environment, reporting back on progress.

Ralph Roberts, Chair of the Contact group on the transfer of environmentally sound technologies, reports back to the Plenary.


Co-Chair Asadi confers with Jag Maini.
Co-Chair, Ilkka Ristim�ki, opens the afternoon Plenary.
Marcus Colcherster, presents his report to the World Bank on Indigenous Peoples and Forests during an informal discussion.
An informal discussion on a draft paper prepared by Marcus Colchester for the World Bank on Indigenous Peoples and Forests.



A hallway within the Palais des Nations, a tribute to Art Deco. This original part of the UN building was furnished, in part, by France, Italy and Sweden. A team of five architects where chosen from a list of 377 who submitted designs for the imposing "Palace". It was completed in 1936.

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