32nd Meeting of the International Tropical Timber Council
Bali, Indonesia - 13-18 May 2002
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Wednesday, 15 May
In the morning, delegates met in sessions of the Committees on Reforestation and Forest Management (CRF) and on Finance and Administration (CFA), and in a joint session of the Committees on Economic Information and Market Intelligence (CEM) and on Forest Industry (CFI). In the afternoon, delegates went on a field trip to visit a sustainable mangrove management training center and a local wood carving gallery. Left: One of the many traditional carvings found throughout the Bali International Convention Center.
Committee on Finance and Administration

From left to right: Kayoko Fukushima (Japan), Chair of the CFA; Charas Mayura and Mahboob Hasan of the ITTO Secretariat.

Chair Fukushima introduced and discussed the draft report on new and additional sources of funding.

The US called for the organization of a specific event at a future Council session to familiarize for ODA agencies with the work of the ITTO; called for minimizing the number of "elaborate" official missions, and suggested the inclusion of fundraising activities in missions when they do occur.
Enzo Barattini, European Commission (left), having a word with Jan McAlpine of the US while Chair Fukushima looks on.

Joint session of the CEM and the CFI
Jim Bourke spoke on creating greater opportunities for tropical timber trade from ITTO's work, and focused on the extent to which the recommendations of ITTO studies have been implemented. He noted several shortcomings in ITTO reports, including: a piecemeal approach to topics; lack of clear, specific and actionable recommendations; lack of continuity between studies; limited distribution; and the absence of an organized evaluation of expected outcomes. He recommended that, inter alia: the terms of references of commissioned studies be refocused toward outputs and possible follow-up actions, and the inclusion of promotional activities in the budgets of studies.
From left to right: Fidel Reyes Lee (Nicaragua), Vice-Chair of the CFI; Amha Bin Buang, ITTO Secretariat; Astrid Bergquist (Sweden), Chair of the CEM, Candy Green (USA), Chair of the CFI, and Douglas Craig Pattie, ITTO Secretariat.
Jukka Tissari, International Trade Center, presented the inception report of the new pre-project on the review on international wooden furniture markets. He identified several challenges to the tropical timber industry, such as: outsourcing of semi-finished products, tightening environmental regulations, substitution pressure from new material combinations, the adoption of the internet for export promotion and procurement, consolidation of large distribution channels, and non-tariff barriers.

Miscellaneous photos
The ENB team having lunch with David Brooks and Jan McAlpine of the US delegation.

Above and below: Delegates discussing in the corridor just outside Plenary hall.

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