32nd Meeting of the International Tropical Timber Council
Bali, Indonesia - 13-18 May 2002
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Friday, 17 May:

In the morning, delegates attended short sessions of the Committees on Forest Industry, Economic Information and Market Intelligence, Finance and Administration, and Reforestation and Forest Management; during which the Committees completed their work. The rest of the day was spent in the Chairperson's Open-Ended Drafting Group, which successfully concluded its work by 8 PM.

Chairs and Vice-Chairs

Committee on Forest Industry: Vice-Chair Fidel Reyes Lee (Guatemala) and Chair Candy Green (USA).

Committee on Reforestation and Forest Management: Vice-Chair Henri Felix Maitre (France) and Chair Angela Andrade Perez (Colombia)

Committee on Economic Information and Market Intelligence: Chair Astrid Bergquist (Sweden), and Vice-Chair Gilbert Kaya (Congo).

Committee on Finance and Administration: Chair Kayoko Fukushima (Japan) and Vice-Chair Pravit Chittachumnonk (Thailand).

Untung Iskandar (Indonesia), Spokesperson for the Producers Caucus; and Aulikki Kauppila (Finland), Spokesperson for the Consumers Caucus.

Chairperson's Open-Ended Drafting Group

Above: Members of the small francophone contact group which was formed to discuss draft decisions on Forest Law Enforcement in Africa and on Sustainable Forest Management in the Congo Basin.

Delegates crowded into the small Surabaya Room to draft the decisions of the Council, with the Producers sitting to one side (above) and the Consumers on the other (below).

Miscellaneous photos: faces in the corridors





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