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34th Session of the International Tropical Timber Council and Associated Sessions of the Committees 
12 - 17 May 2003 Panama City, Panama 

Highlights for Tuesday, 13 May 2003

Delegates to ITTC-34 held the annual market discussion and convened in Council and Committee sessions. The Council addressed partnerships for sustainable forest management (SFM) and matters related to Article 16 of the ITTA, 1994 on the ITTO Executive Secretary and staff. The Committee on Reforestation and Forest Management (CRF) continued reviewing completed projects and pre-projects, and considered projects and pre-projects proposals. The Committee on Finance and Administration (CFA) considered, inter alia, contributions to the administrative budgets for 1986-2003, the administrative account for 2003, and proposed amendments to the financial rules. The Committees on Economic Information and Market Intelligence (CEM) and on Forest Industry (CFI) convened jointly to consider project and pre-project proposals. Above L-R: CFA Chair Pravit  Chittachumonk (Thailand) with Christopher Ellis, CFA Vice-Chairperson (USA).

Plenary:  Guest Presentations

Ivan Tomaselli (Brazil) (left) presented market data on the Brazilian timber industry and voiced his concern that, as “CE marking” becomes mandatory in the EU, Brazilian plywood exports would lose access to that market. 

Alhassan Attah (Ghana) gave an update of Ghana’s forest policy reforms, and reviewed timber production and export trends. He identified several challenges, including high interest rates, problems with certification brand selection, and conflicts between mining and forestry activities.

Siti Syaliza Mustapha (right), Malaysian Timber Council, outlined issues and challenges faced by the Malaysian timber industry.

Wendy Baer
(right), International Wood Products Association, described US timber import statistics.

James Griffiths
(left), World Business Council on Sustainable Development, outlined the Legitimacy Thresholds Model, a conceptual model addressing proliferation, interaction and conflicts between certification systems.

Doaa Abdel Motaal (left), World Trade Organization (WTO) Trade and Environment Division, provided an overview of the WTO Doha Round. She noted that the WTO and ITTO have common goals as both try to facilitate trade.

Auvo Kaivola (Pan European Forest Certification) (right) presented international perspectives on forest certification. He said international certification is only credible if it is transparent and peer reviewed, and if it provides an international framework for national forest certification systems.

Council Session: 

Barney Chan (right), TAG Coordinator, presented the report of the Working Group on Civil Society/Private Sector Partnerships for SFM. He explained that in selecting partnership proposals, the Secretariat would ensure, inter alia, that a diversity of organizations would be supported in the funding cycle.

Committee Sessions: 
Committee on Finance and Administration

The US highlighted its proposal to introduce flexibility in the use of resources by allowing the ITTO Executive Director to use resources from the Administrative Account to support the Bali Partnership Fund and hire part-time staff. He also stressed the need to support initiatives aimed at publicizing ITTO’s activities and deliberations, including through financial support to cover ITTC and negotiating conferences by the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. 

SWITZERLAND stressed the need for creative new ideas about methods to secure funding for essential projects and development activities of the ITTO. 

Committee on Reforestation and Forest Management (CRF)
Khanita Meedej (Thailand) reported the results of  its project entitled Thailand’s project on Preparatory Studies to Install a Continuous Monitoring System for the Sustainable Management of Thailand’s Forest Resources, noting that the project was very successful. 

Neyra Herrera (Panama) gave the CRF a progress report on Panama’s project entitled Institutional Strengthening of the Geographic Information System of the National Authority for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Panama�s Forest Resources with a View to their Sustainable Management. 

Committee on Economic Information and Market Intelligence (CEM) and Committee on Forest Industry (CFI) 

GUATEMALA presents a pre-project proposal on the promotion of certified timber and timber products trade at the CEM/CFI meeting.

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