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Summary and Analysis
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Climate Change Policy & Practice
Forty-sixth Session of the International Tropical Timber Council (ITTC-46) and Associated Sessions of the Committees

13-18 December 2010 | Yokohama, Japan


Emmanuel Ze Meka, Carla Boonstra and Daniel Birchmeier
On Wednesday, the Forty-sixth session of the International Tropical Timber Council (ITTC) entered its third day of discussions in Yokohama, Japan. The Joint Committee session reconvened in the morning to hear a proposal on a meta-evaluation of ex-post evaluations of ITTO projects. This was followed by a Council session to resume deliberations on the report of the Informal Advisory Group and the extension of the Executive Director's term. The Council also heard an overview of the current status of the Thematic Programmes and the Annual Review and Assessment of the International Tropical Timber Situation in 2010. The Committee on Economic Information and Market Intelligence and the Committee on Forest Industry reconvened briefly to discuss policy work, and heard presentations on the promotion of trade in tropical timber and products from sustainably managed and legally harvested sources.

In the afternoon, the Council convened for the annual timber market discussion, which addressed innovations and technologies in wood-based industries. In the evening, the Committee on Finance and Administration met to continue discussions on: the administrative budget for 2011; the financial arrangements for holding Council sessions outside of Yokohama; and cooperation between ITTO members and non-member donors. The Committee on Reforestation and Forest Management met to review the implementation of approved projects and pre-projects.

Above: ITTO Executive Director Emmanuel Ze Meka, CEM Chair Carla Boonstra and ITTC-46 Chair Daniel Birchmeier conferred between sessions.

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Joint Committee
Joint Committee Dais

The dais during the Joint Committee Session. L-R: Steven Johnson, ITTO Secretariat; Stephanie Caswell, ITTO Consultant; Eduardo Mansur, ITTO Secretariat; Tabi Agyarko, CRF Chair; Patrick Hardcastle, CRF Vice-Chair; Carla Boonstra, CEM Chair; Kug-Bo Shim, CFI Chair; Emmanuel Ze Meka, ITTO Executive Director; E. Collins Ahadome, ITTO Secretariat.

Stephanie Caswell, ITTO Consultant
Stephanie Caswell, ITTO Consultant.
Narcisse Mbarga, Cameroon
Narcisse Lambert Mbarga, Cameroon.
Council Session
Frances Maplesden, ITTO Consultant
Frances Maplesden, ITTO Consultant.
Daniel Birchmeier, ITTC-46 Chair
Daniel Birchmeier, ITTC-46 Chair.
Koji Hattori
Koji Hattori, Japan.
Barney Chan, TAG
Barney Chan, Trade Advisory Group.
Carolina Costellini, Brazil
Carolina Costellini, Brazil.
James Gasana, Switzerland
James Gasana, Switzerland.
Committees on Economic Information and Market Intelligence, and Forest Industry

The dais during the Committee on Economic Information and Market Intelligence and the Committee on Forest Industry. L-R: Amha Bin Buang, ITTO Secretariat; Carla Boonstra, CEM Chair; Kug-Bo Shim, CFI Chair; Ramon Carrillo, ITTO Secretariat; Li Qiang, ITTO Secretariat; Tetra Yanuariadi, ITTO Secretariat.

Annual Market Discussion
Market Discussion Dais

The dais during the Annual Market Discussion. L-R: Gary Waugh, University of Melbourne; Antje Wahl, FPInnovations; Barney Chan, Trade Advisory Group; Carla Boonstra, CEM Chair; Callum Hill, Edinburgh Napier University; Ivan Tomaselli, STCP Engenaria de Projetos Ltda Brazil.

Committees on Finance and Administration, and Reforestation and Forest Management
CFA Room View
A view of the room during the Committee on Finance and Administration.
CRF Room View
A view of the room during the Committee on Reforestation and Forest Management.
Side Event
Side Event Dais

At lunchtime, a side event, "Lessons Learnt on Forest Certification in ITTO Producer Member Countries in the Congo Basin," was presented by the Congo Basin Forests Partnership, Central African Forest Commission, Forest Stewardship Council and Inter-African Forest Industry Association.

Around ITTC
European delegates
European delegates conferred after the Council Session.
Indonesian delegates
Indonesian delegates studied a document.
Ken Sato, Gerhard Breulmann and Suchat Kalyawongsa
Ken Sato, ITTO Secretariat, Gerhard Breulmann, ITTO Secretariat, and Suchat Kalyawongsa, Thailand, chatted during a break.
Singing Christmas Tree
The Singing Christmas Tree in Queen's Square Mall, next to the conference center.
Emmanuel Ze Meka and Charles Barber
Emmanuel Ze Meka, ITTO Executive Director, and Charles Barber, United States, chatted during a break.
Delegate Computer Room

Delegates made use of the computers in the Delegate Computer Room.

Delegates smiling.
Delegates shared a smile during a break in the meeting.
Graeme Auld, Deborah Davenport and Kate Louw
Graeme Auld, Earth Negotiations Bulletin, Deborah Davenport, UK, and Kate Louw, Earth Negotiations Bulletin, chatted before the start of the day's meetings.
Yokohama Survey
Delegates who completed a brief survey about Yokohama and transportation from airports received a gift in return.
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