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Summary and Analysis
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Climate Change Policy & Practice
Forty-sixth Session of the International Tropical Timber Council (ITTC-46) and Associated Sessions of the Committees

13-18 December 2010 | Yokohama, Japan


Daniel Birchmeier, ITTC-46 Chair
On Saturday, the Forty-sixth session of the International Tropical Timber Council (ITTC) concluded its discussions in Yokohama, Japan. In the morning, Producer and Consumer groups met in separate caucus meetings, while a drafting group worked out a compromise on two outstanding issues: one on ITTO-CBD cooperation and the other on holding Council sessions outside of ITTO Headquarters.

In the afternoon, the Council convened to adopt eight decisions, including: the approval of projects, pre-projects and activities; the re-appointment of Emmanuel Ze Meka as Executive Director until 5 November 2015; the celebration of International Year of Forests and ITTO's 25th anniversary in 2011; procedures to respond to additional funding opportunities; a multi-donor mechanism to facilitate enhanced ITTO-CITES cooperation; the ITTO-CBD Collaborative Initiative to conserve tropical forest biodiversity; and financial arrangements for hosting Council sessions outside of ITTO headquarters.

After several rounds of discussions, Consumer and Producer groups decided that ITTC-47 will take place in Antigua, Guatemala from November 9-14 2011, ITTC-48 in Yokohama in November 2012, and ITTC-49 in Libreville, Gabon in 2013. The Consumer group elected Joachim Bilé Allogho, Gabon, as Chair, and the Producer group elected Carla Boonstra, Netherlands, as Vice-Chair of ITTC-47. After brief closing statements, Chair Birchmeier closed the meeting at 4:44 pm.

Above: ITTC-46 Chair Daniel Birchmeier gaveled a decision.

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Closing Council Session
Council Dais

The dais during the closing session of council. L-R: Joachim Bilé Allogho, ITTC-46 Vice-Chair and incoming ITTC-47 Chair; Daniel Birchmeier, outgoing ITTC-46 Chair; Emmanuel Ze Meka, ITTO Executive Director; Carla Boonstra, incoming ITTC-47 Vice-Chair; E. Collins Ahadome, ITTO Secretariat; Mahboob Hasan, ITTO Secretariat.

David Brooks, CFA Chair
David Brooks, Chair, Committee for Finance and Administration.
Carla Boonstra, CEM Chair
Carla Boonstra, Chair, Committee on Economic Information and Market Intelligence.
Tabi Agyarko, CRF Chair
Tabi Agyarko, Chair, Committee on Reforestation and Forest Management.
Kug-Bo Shim, CFI Chair
Kug-Bo Shim, Chair, Committee on Forest Industry.
Jennifer Conje, Consumer Caucus
Jennifer Conje, Spokesperson, Consumer Caucus.
Alhassan Atta, Producer Caucus
Alhassan Atta, Spokesperson, Producer Caucus.
Amb. Byron Escobedo, Guatemala

Ambassador Byron Escobedo, Guatemala, invited the Council to the city of Antigua for its 47th session from 14-19 November, 2011.

Atsushi Suginaka, Japan
Atsushi Suginaka, Japan, said Yokohama would host ITTC-48 at ITTO Headquarters, 5-10 November 2012.
Joachim Bilé Allogho, Gabon
Joachim Bilé Allogho, Gabon, expressed his country's desire to host ITTC-49 in Libreville in 2013.
Francis Colee, Green Advocates, Liberia
Francis Colee, Green Advocates, Liberia, presented the Civil Society Advisory Group's statement.
Remy Mukongo Shabantu, ECCAS
Remy Mukongo Shabantu, Economic Community of Central American States.
G. Garvoie Kardoh, Liberia
G. Garvoie Kardoh, Liberia.
Joachim Bilé Allogho and Daniel Birchmeier
Vice-Chair Joachim Bilé Allogho presented outgoing Chair Daniel Birchmeier with a framed gavel, in keeping with ITTC tradition.
Around ITTC
Drafting Group
The Chairperson's Open-Ended Drafting Group.
Yokohama city employees
Yokohama city employees were thanked for helping with the conference.
Siti Syaliza Mustapha and Graeme Auld
Siti Syaliza Mustapha, Malaysia, chatted with Graeme Auld, Earth Negotations Bulletin, during a break.
Santa Claus on a Boat
Santa Claus prepared to cast off at the tour boat terminal.
Eduardo Mansur and Keith Ripley
Eduardo Mansur, ITTO Secretariat, discussed the meta-evaluation with Keith Ripley, Earth Negotiations Bulletin.

Tugboats moored in the harbor near Pacifico Yokohama. L-R: Tachibana, Kashima, Kamakura, Ibuki, Kaga, and Kasuga.

Rinko Park Waterfront
Yokohama residents enjoyed the sunny day on the waterfront in Rinko Park.
A hawk soared on the breeze above the conference center.
Highlights for Monday, 13 December

Your IISD-RS Earth Negotiations Bulletin reporting team at ITTC-46. L-R: Ari Daniel Shapiro, Writer, US; Graeme Auld, Writer, Canada; Kate Louw, Team Leader, South Africa; Keith Ripley, Writer, US; Dan Birchall, Digital Editor, US.

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