7-10 September 2004 | United Nations Headquarters, New York


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Highlights for Tuesday, 7 September 2004

The Ad Hoc Expert Group on Consideration with a View to Recommending the Parameters of a Mandate for Developing a Legal Framework on All Types of Forests (AHEG-PARAM) began meeting on Tuesday at UN headquarters in New York. Tim Rollinson (UK) and Andrea Alban Duran (Colombia) were elected as co-chairpersons of the meeting. Both Co-Chairs stressed that the AHEG-PARAM is not a negotiating meeting, and emphasized that the discussions must be inclusive and not marginalize any participants.
In the morning, the experts addressed organizational matters, and discussed complementarities, gaps and duplications in the existing international arrangement on forests (IAF). In the afternoon, participants exchanged views on other outcomes of the IAF, including efforts of countries to implement the Intergovernmental Panel on Forests (IPF)/Intergovernmental Forum on Forests (IFF) Proposals for Action.


From left to right: Co-Chair Tim Rollinson (United Kingdom); Co-Chair Andrea Alban Durán (Colombia); and Peter Csoka from the UNFF Secretariat.


Hosny El-Lakany, CPF, said CPF members have reaffirmed their commitment to the UNFF. He also urged the AHEG-PARAM to formulate a clear set of recommendations for UNFF-5.

Ricardo Ulate, Costa Rica, noted that harmonizing forest policies in Central America has improved national-level implementation of sustainable forest management.

Richard Ballhorn, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (Canada).



Co-Chair, Andrea Alban Duran.

Co-Chair, Tim Rollinson.

Pekka Patosaari, Co-ordinator and Head, Secretariat of the UNFF.


Michael Laverdiere, Forest Affairs Officer, UNFF Secretariat


Jan McAlpine, Oceans, International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (US).

Conceição Ferreira, Ministry of Agriculture of Portugal


(Top and bottom photos) Participants of the AHEG-PARAM conference during the morning session.

Miscellaneous Photos:

Bill Mankin, WWF.

Delegates mill before the afternoon session begins.


Panel of the afternoon, from left to right, Pekka Patosaari (UNFF), Co-Chair Tim Rollinson; Co-Chair Andrea Alban Durán; and Peter Csoka (UNFF).


David Henderson-Howat (UNFF) and Peter Csoka (UNFF)

Fred Manuel Battle Río, Guatemala
Tony Bartlett, Australia


Rebecca Parzor, Netherlands


Alain Chaudron, France


Don Wijewardana, New Zealand


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