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United Nations Forum on Forests
First Substantive Meeting
UN Headquarters, New York, USA 11-22 June 2001

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Update for Tuesday, 12 June 

On the second day of UNFF-1, delegates met in Plenary and discussed the procedure for presenting proposals for decisions and resolutions, addressed concerns regarding funding for the UNFF, and delivered remarks on the multi-year programme of work (MYPOW). Right photo: The dias during the morning session.



After holding informal discussions with interested delegations, Chair Mubarak (2nd from right)  reported agreement on the following procedure: the Bureau, with the assistance of the Secretariat and on the basis of written inputs and views expressed in Plenary, will provide the first draft decisions on the MYPOW, PoA and the initiation of work with the CPF. 


Ali Khamis (Left), Chief of Economic, Social and Human Rights Service, UN Budget Division, explained implementation of budget arrangements for the UNFF. He stated that, following the adoption of ECOSOC resolution E/2000/35 in October 2000, a statement by the Secretary-General (E/2000/L.33) delineated how the UN Budget Division would proceed with its implementation.

The US (Left) emphasized that the resolution clearly states that funding for the UNFF’s activities and the Secretariat would be provided from the regular UN budget, and that the issue of supplementary funds, such as secondments, voluntary contributions and trust funds, was a separate matter. This latter point was echoed by the EU, BRAZIL and NIGERIA.

BRAZIL (Right) noted concern over how the UNFF would make progress without a stable Secretariat, and suggested that Jag Maini, UNFF Coordinator, could assist in the development of a PBI.

to follow 
(Right) supported assigning a thematic focus to each session, but said that trade, finance and technology transfer should be cross-cutting issues to be addressed at each session. Remarking that a ministerial segment is insufficient to ensure political will, she suggested that countries commit to attaining a minimum level of forest cover and begin deliberations on a legal framework as early as possible.

SWITZERLAND stressed that implementation of the IPF/IFF proposals for action will be carried out primarily by countries, emphasized that the UNFF must focus on a limited number of tasks to make solid accomplishments, and supported focusing on one central theme at each meeting.

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NIGERIA stressed the importance of capacity building, finance and technology transfer as means of implementation, and proposed establishing ad hoc working groups on these issues. He said that the issue of a legally-binding instrument should only be taken up after evaluation of the UNFF�s work.

The US submitted a proposed schedule for the three intermediate UNFF sessions. She noted the possibility for intersessional work, and for including NGO and private sector efforts in the PoA. She emphasized that the goal is implementation by countries, and that international actions by the CPF and UNFF should be merely in support of national policies. She said countries should set their own targets, goals and timetables, and report on a voluntary basis, by thematic areas.

PERU said implementation of the IPF/IFF proposals for action required a favorable international context, and supported inclusion of cross-cutting issues at each session.

AUSTRALIA emphasized feedback in the MYPOW, drawing on country and regional experiences in implementing proposals for action. He suggested a ministerial meeting at UNFF-6 instead of UNFF-5. He emphasized, inter alia, multi-stakeholder dialogue, inclusion of the private sector in expert working groups and country-led initiatives, and said monitoring, assessment and reporting should be related to the themes of each session. 

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