UNFF-2: Second Session of the United Nations Forum on Forests
UN Headquarters || 4-15 March 2002
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Day 1: Monday, 4 March

Monday, 4 March: The second substantive session of the United Nations Forum on Forests opened today in the General Assembly Hall. During its morning session, Plenary heard opening statements from representatives of UN bodies and countries. In the afternoon the UNFF met in a working group to discuss the draft terms of reference of the ad hoc working groups.

Opening Plenary
Nitin Desai, Under-Secretary General of Economic and Social Affairs, announced the election of Knut Øistad (Norway) as Chair of UNFF-2. In his opening statement, Chair Øistad reminded delegates of the High-Level Ministerial segment which is to take place on 13-14 March, and highlighted cooperation with the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) acting as the Prepatory Committee for the WSSD.
Listen to Øistad's opening statment
< Ivan Šimonovic, ECOSOC President, called for synergy between UNFF and the other functional commissions of ECOSOC, such as the CSD. He stated that the Forum and ECOSOC do not work in isolation, but benefit from each other's efforts and mutually reinforce the policies, actions and strategies developed in their respective areas of responsibility.
Listen to Šimonovic's statement
< Jag Maini, Head of the UNFF Secretariat, discussed preparations for the ministerial segment, and highlighted several topics to be covered during the high-level debate: positioning forests on the international political agenda; finance; and cross-sectoral policy harmonization.
Listen to Maini's statement
Maini later discussed the organization of work at UNFF-2

Maini and Øistad.
< Spain, on behalf of the EU, called for placing illegal logging on the international political agenda, and highlighted the various ways in which EU members were implementing the IPF and IFF proposals for action.
Listen to EU's statement
< Canada called for focus on implementation, rather than the development of more proposals for action.
Listen to Canada's statement
Indonesia stressed the importance of trade and highlighted financial constraints to implementation of national forest programmes in developing countries.
< Noting the long-term and cross-cutting nature of forest issues in his opening address, Desai stated that forestry is a capstone of our capacity to conceptualize, operationalize and implement the basic principles of sustainable development as articulated in Agenda 21. He expressed thanks to Jag Maini, Head of the UNFF Secretariat, for his years of dedicated service to the cause of international forest policy.
Listen to Desai's statement
< Hosni El-Lakany, Chair of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF), stated that the main challenges for the CPF partners lie in prioritizing activities within allocated resources, intervening strategically and producing concrete results.
Listen to El-Lakany's statement
< View from the back of the GA Hall.
< Venezuela, on behalf of the G-77/China, highlighted, inter alia, the importance of considering income generation and market access when formulating international forest policy.

Listen to G-77/China's statement

< Brazil emphasized the importance of the ad hoc expert group on finance and transfer of environmentally sound technologies for implementing sustainable forest management.
Listen to Brazil's statement
Japan noted that good governance and law enforcement are fundamental for SFM, and urged the international community to address illegal logging.
Nauru, for the Pacific Islands Forum Group, noted that the Pacific Islands have insufficient resources and capacity to meet all their UNFF commitments, and urged that consideration be given to their special vulnerability when developing criteria for develpment assistance.
In the afternoon, Patricia Chaves (Costa Rica, left) chaired the Working Group discussion on the draft terms of reference of the UNFF ad hoc expert groups. She is pictured here with Mia Soderlund of the UNFF Secretariat.

Maini, Chaves and Soderlund at the opening of the afternoon session.


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