Sixth Session of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF-6)

13-24 February 2006 | UN Headquarters, New York

Highlights from Thursday, 16 February 2006

On Thursday, 16 February, the sixth session of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF-6) worked towards building consensus on the future of the international arrangement on forests (IAF). In morning and afternoon sessions, delegates convened in two Working Groups to complete a third reading of the Chair's draft text. Working Group 1 (WGI) discussed, inter alia, general mandate of the IAF, strategic objectives, and legal framework. WGII considered the means of implementation, enhanced cooperation and working modalities.

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Working Group I

New Zealand intervenes during Working Group I

Co-Chair Franz Xaver Perrez, Switzerland



Co-Chairs Franz Xaver Perrez, Switzerland, and Jose Antonio Doig, Peru

South Africa, speaking on behalf of the African Group, opposed deletion of reference to increased new and additional resources and voluntary contributions.


Knut Oistad, Norway, opposed deleting text on considering the establishment of an LBI in the context of a 2015 review.

Delegates discuss the text on the screen


Co-ChairJose Antonio Doig

Tony Bartlett, Australia, speaks with members of the Secretariat


Andrew Deutz, US

Austria, for the EU, presented their compilation proposal on voluntary code/guidelines/international understanding containing elements on the international instrument on all types of forests and on strengthening the IAF, which combined elements from annexed proposals by the US, Brazil and the African Group.


On encouraging and assisting countries to maintain their forest resources, Chile (left) and others, supported retaining reference to maintaining forest quality.

On increasing the area of forests under SFM to improve the quality of life of people living in and around forests, and to reduce the loss of forest cover and finalize and implement the rehabilitation and conservation strategies for all countries, including for forests in LFCCs, Javad Amin-Mansour, Iran (center), called for clearer language to identify this as a function, as opposed to another objective or goal.

Working Group II
Co-Chair Tono Kruzic, Croatia (left) and delegates consult (right)

Oleg Shamanov, Russian Federation (left) and Gustavo Ainchil of Argentina (right); During the heated Working Group negotiations, the Russian Federation, argued that the UNFF should take into account inputs provided by Major Groups.

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Daily web coverage:
13 February - 14 February
- 15 February - 16 February - 17 February
20 February - 21 February - 22 February - 23 February - 24 February

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