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International Conference on Valuation and Accounting of Natural Capital for Green Economy (VANTAGE) in Africa

3-4 December 2013 | UN Environment Programme (UNEP) headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya
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Senior government officials and key decision-makers from developing countries in Africa and other parts of the world will meet with related experts from 3-4 December 2013, at UNEP Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, to discuss Valuation and Accounting of Natural Capital for Green Economy (VANTAGE) in Africa. Participants will discuss how natural capital accounting and related fields can contribute to transitioning towards a Green Economy, and showcase successful efforts by various countries and organizations to undertake valuation and accounting of natural capital, and to promote awareness and participation for future efforts in this field.

In May 2012, in advance of Rio+20, governments of 10 African countries along with various relevant public and private sector organizations adopted the Gaborone Declaration, a set of principles and development goals that consider the value of natural capital in development planning processes. This Declaration acknowledges that the wealth of benefits and services provided by biodiversity and ecosystems needs to be fully accounted and integrated into development planning processes. In this context, the Ecosystem Services Economics Unit of the Division of Environmental Policy Implementation of the United Nations Environment Programme has initiated the work under the programme on VANTAGE, with a focus on economic valuation, accounting, and policy linkages.

This meeting will include high-level political dialogue among key African governments and collaborating agencies, which will lead to the development and adoption of recommendations intended to provide a roadmap and political support for promoting valuation and accounting of natural capital for green economy transformations in Africa.

IISD RS will provide digital coverage and a summary report from this Conference. Kindly visit this website on Tuesday, 3 December 2013, for more information.
UNEP headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya
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