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Late Breaking News on Habitat II

Last updated 4 June 1996 --

Turkish President S´┐Żleyman Demirel joins a group of dancers after addressing the opening Plenary of Habitat II
Habitat II opened Monday with speeches from UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali and Turkish President S´┐Żleyman Demirel, who was elected President of the Conference. Delegates to Committeee I, which will negotiate the Habitat II Agenda, delayed selection of a Working Group Chair and the Bureau of the Committee and debated the extent and means of NGO input to negotiations. Committee II initiated the discussions of the role of partners from local authorities, the private sector and NGOs. In the corridors, delegates began to outline positions on housing rights and negotiation of an Istanbul Declaration,

Details on statements and debate from Habitat II's opening day are in Tuesday's Earth Negotiations Bulletin's from Habitat II.

To catch up on the Conference to date, check out:

The Conference Secretariat has established a WWW site for press releases from the Conference. Here is the conference document that will be debated in Istanbul.

We will continue our live coverage of Habitat II through 19 June. We will have color photos, recorded RealAudio interviews (and perhaps a delayed feed from the Conference opening) and daily issues in English and French of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin. More pictures and sound coming soon. Stay tuned!!


The Third Session of the Preparatory Committee for the UN Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) ended in New York during February. Although the spirit of negotiation was good, procedural bottlenecks and the volume of work to be finished produced less than favorable results.

The Earth Negotiations Bulletin has prepared a comprehensive summary of the Third Session of the PrepCom, which includes an analysis of the process to date.

In addition, we have posted RealAudio recordings of the final statements If you have any late-breaking news, updates or recent material on Habitat II, send us e-mail at enb@igc.apc.org

We published daily issues of the Earth Negotiations Bulletinin French and English from here in New York. Our daily issues are 2000-word summaries of the official proceedings.

Here is a link to the UN's gopher for press releases on Human Settlements.