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Istanbul+5 UNGASS: 4 June
UN Headquarters, New York, 6-8 June 2001


Update for Monday, 4 June:

Negotiations moved slowly on the first of two days of informal consultations before the 25th Special Session of the General Assembly, which opens on June 6. Delegates agreed to adjourn the afternoon session early to allow regional groups to meet separately and develop negotiating positions.

Right photo: Delegates waiting for the delayed afternoon
session to convene in the Trusteeship Council Chambers.

A special issue of the Bulletin covering both days
of informals will be available on Tuesday, June 5.

Germ�n Garc�a-Dur�n (Colombia), Chair of Istanbul+5 Informal Consultations, delivers his opening remarks

Chair Garc�a-Dur�n's proposal on the selection of the Bureau of the Thematic Committee 

Iran on behalf of The Group of 77 and China circulated two new paragraphs on illegally occupied lands, which will be debated Tuesday morning. Disagreement persisted on whether or not a new chapeau to the draft declaration is required, and what form it should take.
View of the dias. 
Delegate from Sudan giving an intervention during the morning session.
Delegates from Norway enjoy a light conversation while waiting for the afternoon session to convene. 
  Sweden (center), which holds the presidency of the EU, during informal discussions with delegates.
Canadian delegates patiently waiting for the afternoon session to resume.
The US questioned the feasibility and desirability of introducing new text into the negotiations at such a late stage (excerpts from two interventions)
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