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Istanbul+5 UNGASS: 7 June
UN Headquarters, New York, 6-8 June 2001

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Update for Thursday, 7 June:

Delegates met in Plenary and the Committee of the Whole (COW) for general debate on the review and appraisal of progress made in the implementation of the Habitat Agenda and further actions and initiatives for overcoming obstacles to the implementation of the Habitat Agenda.  As of 11:00 pm, when coverage was suspended, informal negotiations had reached consensus on four out of five outstanding paragraphs in the draft declaration. Delegates had not yet considered newly proposed text. In the Thematic Committee, delegates heard presentations from Tanzania, Sweden, China, Poland, Brazil, France, Nigeria and Spain.

Right: Urban Millennium  poster depicting a city grid.

Draft Declaration on Cities and Other Human Settlements: 

PARAGRAPHS 42 and 43 (GENDER): NORWAY (keft and below) stressed the importance of moving the goals of the Habitat Agenda forward, not backward, then proposed replacing language on the removal of obstacles and inequalities with reference to eradicating legal and social barriers. He noted this was language taken from the Habitat Agenda.
Members of the US delegation (left) are immersed in conversation while waiting for the meeting to resume
Delegate from Russia carefully reads the draft text projected on screen  
 PARAGRAPH 8 (REPORTS): Iran (left) on behalf of  G-77/CHINA ( proposed language commending the efforts of the Executive Director of Habitat, and adding that the reports are noted in conformity with the legal framework and national policies of each country.

Thematic Committee:

The Secretariat noted that the Rapporteur for the Thematic Committee was not Laszl Mikls (Slovak Republic) as announced Wednesday, but his compatriot Elena Szolgayova of the Ministry of Construction and Regional Development. It was also announced that Vice-Chair Erna Witoelar (Indonesia) would chair the afternoon session

Right: View from the back of Conference Room 4, meeting room of the Thematic Committee

NIGERIA: J. O. Okunfulure, Director of Lands, Urban and Regional Development, and Garba Madaki Ali, Minister of State for Works and Housing, discussed sustainable urban development and good governance in Nigeria.

Excerpts of Okunfulure's presentation

SWEDEN: Mats Pemer, Director of the Strategic Department, Stockholm City Planning Administration, described the development of Stockholm as a sustainable compact city, noting a planned growth strategy since 1952 that provides for good housing, efficient public transport and reclaimed industrial lands.

Excerpts of Pemer's responses to delegates' queries
  Left photo: Vice Mayor Wang preparing for his presentation
CHINA: Shaoxiong Wang (right), Vice Mayor of Chengdu Municipality, introduced the Fu and Nan Riverbank Refurbishment project as a successful example of comprehensive urban environmental renovation. He noted the synergies between public planning and market forces, and emphasized the importance of the role and support of the central government.
POLAND: The Mayor of Katowice (left), Peter Uszok, discussed an environmental management and city development strategy in Katowice Agglomeration involving reclamation and rehabilitation of industrial mining areas. 

Left: Participants watching the Polish video on Environmental Management  

Justina Gorgon (right) presented the project results and achievements of the Katowice Agglomeration

 Excerpt from presentation on Katowice Environmental Management

BRAZIL: Celso Daniel, Mayor of Santo Andr, presented an integrated programme for social inclusion in this area located on the outskirts of S�o Paolo.
Joaquim Roriz, Governor of Federal District of Brasilia, spoke about transformation of the slum areas around Samambaia, where families were provided the means to relocate to an area where they could own a plot of land and build their own homes. 
FRANCE: G�rard Collomb (below), Mayor of Lyon, described �Mill�naire3,� his city�s strategy for integrated urban development in the context of globalization. Left photo: The dias during the presentation on Lyon
Excerpt from presentation on Lyon
NIGERIA:  Creation of geopolitical zones to balance regional growth and development and the establishment of an urban development bank were among the sweeping initiatives undertaken by the government in cooperation with the World Bank

SPAIN: Joan Clos (right), Mayor of Barcelona, discussed sustainable economic transformation and decentralization in Barcelona. He described a growth model based on transformation of industrial seafront areas and revitalization of historic districts through investments involving joint capital companies and communities

Excerpt of presentation on Barcelona

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