Photos from the First Session of the Conference of theParties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, The Bahamas

Members of the UK delegation (54K jpeg)

Several of the GreenPeace NGO representatives (20K jpeg )

Members of the Brazilian delegation, including (from left) Everton Vargas, Henriqueta Lacourt Borba, Mariangela Rebua de Andrade Simoes and Antonio Otavio Sa Ricarte (76K jpeg)

Hartwig De Haen, Assistant Director-General and Jose Esquinas-Alcazar, Secretary to the Commission on Plant Genetic Resources Production and Protection Division, both of FAO, at the FAO booth during the Biotechnology Fair (95K jpeg)

The Kenya delegation (86K jpeg)

Angela Cropper, Director of the CBD Secretariat, greets an unidentified participant (42K jpeg)

Vincente Sanchez and Pablo Arriaran of the Chilean delegation (84K jpeg)

Dr. Peter Schei and Jan Borring of the Norwegian delegation (86K jpeg)

Mario Ramos, Senior Environmental Specialist and Mohamed El-Ashry, Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the GEF (88K jpeg)

Dr. Peter Howarth, Mr. and Mrs. Scocroft of IARC and Rod Holesgrove (The very same Rod Holesgrove, who is celebrating his fiftieth birthday this week. Please send birthday messages to all from Australia. (84K jpeg)