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Editor’s Note No. 113
Thursday, 18 September 2008
Lynn Wagner, Ph.D.
Linkages Update

and MEA Bulletin
In the coming week, we will closely watch the two high level events that will accompany the opening of the 63rd session of the UN General Assembly, with our trademark reports being produced at both the High Level Meeting on Africa’s Development Needs and the High Level Event on the Millennium Development Goals, as well as at selected partnership side events.

These events will seek to focus global leaders’ attention on these critical issues and the actions they can take to address them, much as the High Level Event on Climate Change that accompanied the opening of the 62nd General Assembly session sought to build expectations for the Bali Climate Change Talks when it convened last September. The high level climate change event began a year during which, as Srgjan Kerim, the outgoing UN General Assembly President, noted at the close of the Assembly’s 62nd session, the Assembly turned around the “political climate” on climate change. This change led to the decision to negotiate within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to develop commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the post-2012 period, when the Kyoto Protocol commitments expire.

We are therefore pleased to bring you the proceedings of the 22 and 25 September 2008 high level events, to help determine how leaders are framing the issues and solutions, as well as to identify the actions they pledge their governments will take. Over the coming year, our publications will continue to track whether and how the debate has changed, and which actions governments have taken to fulfill their commitments, all the way to the end, when Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann, the new President of the UN General Assembly, recaps his presidency next September.
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