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Comings and Goings
UN Secretary-General appoints two new climate change envoys
DSD Director announced
Director of UNFF Secretariat announced
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Climate Strategies seeks research director
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New Reports and Resources
Millennium Development Report 2008
Progress of the World’s Women 2008/2009: Who Answers to Women? Gender and Accountability
Achieving the MDGs: The Fundamentals
Rising Food Prices and Their Implications for Employment, Decent Work and Poverty Reduction
Green Jobs: Towards Decent Work in a Sustainable, Low-Carbon World
Biosafety Protocol Fifth Anniversary Outreach Material
Scientific and Technical Contribution to the Development of an Overall Health Strategy in the Area of GMOs
State of the World’s Birds
Fuelling Destruction in Latin America: The Real Price of Agrofuels
New Key Issues Eldis Guide: Payments for Ecosystem Services
Interactive AQUASTAT Maps
Teacher's Manual: International Watercourses/River Basins Including Law, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Simulation Training Exercises
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Latest News - Thursday, 2 October 2008
New York, 23 September—The High-Level Meeting on Africa’s Development Needs, which took place at UN headquarters on 22 September 2008, ended with the adoption of a resolution entitled “Political Declaration on Africa’s Development Needs.” In the resolution, leaders from Africa expressed their determination to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and reaffirmed that NEPAD provides an agreed foundation. They noted that this framework can only be implemented if the international community fulfills its commitments to tackle the myriad challenges faced by Africa. More.
Photo: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressed delegates during the High-level Meeting on Africa’s Development Needs (UN Photo/Marco Castro)
New York, 26 September—On 25 September 2008, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the President of the UN General Assembly convened a High-Level Event on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at UN Headquarters in New York, during which Heads of State or government, and representatives from the private sector and civil society reaffirmed existing commitments and announced new ones needed to achieve the MDGs by 2015. Among the commitments, some US$1.6 billion was pledged to enhance food security. A new initiative, “Purchase for Progress,” to buy surplus crops directly from poor farmers in Africa and Central America, was launched. Investments of US$2.2 billion were committed to provide water and sanitation to 30 million people by 2015. Attention was also given to the threat of climate change in reversing the achievements made on the MDGs, and over US$750 million was pledged by member States, along with renewed commitments to reduce deforestation. More.
Photo: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, flanked by Bono, rock musician and renowned campaigner for Africa, and Jeffrey Sachs, Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General on the MDGs, during the launch of the Irish Hunger Commission Report.
Antananarivo, 20 September—The fourth Meeting of the Parties to the African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement, which met from 15-19 September 2008, in Antananarivo, Madagascar, adopted a budget that will allow the Secretariat to maintain its current level of staff and activities, as well as a resolution on an African Initiative for the Conservation of Migratory Waterbirds and their Habitats in Africa. Among other agreements, participants also adopted the Strategic Plan 2009-2017 and an enhanced national report format; conservation guidelines concerning impacts of infrastructure development-related disturbance and measures needed to help waterbirds adapt to climate change; and international single species action plans for several species. More.
Nairobi, 19 September—The Africa Commission has held a one-day event on economic and employment issues in the context of climate change. The “Thematic Conference on Employment and Economic Growth: The Challenge of Climate Change,” took place in Nairobi, Kenya, on 18 September 2008. The event was one of a series of meetings initiated by the Danish Government’s Africa Commission. The meeting considered: water resources; food security and agricultural productivity; adaptation to climate change in urban areas; economic development and clean energy; and avoiding deforestation. The meeting also included some discussions on negotiations under the UNFCCC. More.
Other News
Ban outlines strategy to reach water and sanitation MDG
Water Operators Partnership of Africa convenes
Sustainable Development News

Rwanda and Burundi sign conservation agreement
More Biodiversity News

Trade, Finance and Investment
World Bank Climate Investment Funds receive pledges for US$ 6.1 billion
WTO public forum addresses climate-trade interface
World Bank convenes forest dialogue
More Trade News

Clinton Global Initiative generates US$8 billion in commitments
“El Calafate” ministerial promotes climate dialogue
US Northeast launches country’s first cap-and-trade market
WMO highlights state of the ozone layer
Ozone Secretariat releases biannual newsletter
More Climate News

FAO technical consultation adopts deep sea fisheries guidelines
World Maritime Day celebrated
FAO urges global fishing industries to curb seabird killings
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Pesticide exposure linked to depression
Report finds e-waste export inadequately regulated in the US
More Chemicals News

EU signs first FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement with Ghana
ECA workshop considers guidelines for effective land policy making
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Intergovernmental Organizations
UNGA adopts climate change resolution UNEP launches collaboration on chemical safety
UNGA adopts climate change resolution World Tourism Day focuses on climate change
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Key meetings in the next two weeks
Second Meeting of the Ad-Hoc OEWG to Review and Assess Measures to Address the Global Issue of Mercury: 6-10 October 2008, Nairobi, Kenya
FfD Process Informal Meetings: 9-10 and 14-17 October 2008, New York, US
2008 IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings: 13 October 2008. Washington DC, US
Third Meeting of the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee for the ITPGR Funding Strategy: 13-15 October 2008, Rome, Italy
International Conference on Traditional Forest-Related Knowledge and Sustainable Forest Management in Africa: 13-16 October 2008. Accra, Ghana
WIPO IGC-13: 13-17 October 2008, Geneva, Switzerland
Fourth Meeting of the Persistent Organic Pollutant Review Committee: 13-17 October 2008, Geneva, Switzerland
FAO Global Conference on Small Scale Fisheries: 13-17 October 2008, Bangkok, Thailand
FAO Committee on World Food Security: 14-17 October 2008, Rome, Italy
15th Annual Meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna: 14-17 October 2008, Auckland, New Zealand

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