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The way human societies manage their land is critical to sustainable development. Perhaps not surprisingly, it is therefore important to the work of multilateral environmental agreements such as the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), to name just two. This week, desertification and land degradation are the focus of a committee meeting in Istanbul to review implementation of the UNCCD. … article continues

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Jan McAlpine takes up UNFF Director’s post
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World Bank seeks Senior Energy Specialists
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Latest News - Thursday, 13 November 2008
Kuala Lumpur, 12 November—Held from 10-12 November 2008, the Ad Hoc Intergovernmental and Multi-Stakeholder Meeting on an Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services considered the development of a platform to strengthen relations between knowledge holders on biodiversity and ecosystem services and actors involved in decision/policymaking processes. More.
Photo: The dais during the meeting
Yokohama, 10 November—The 44th session of the International Tropical Timber Council (ITTC-44) met in Yokohama, Japan from 3-8 November 2008, and concluded its session by pledging US$8.6 million in funds for new projects and thematic programmes. More.
Photo: Katarina Kuehmayer, ITTC-44 Chair
Nancy, France, 10 November—The International Conference on “The European Forest-Based Sector: Bio-Responses to Address New Climate and Energy Challenges?” took place from 6-8 November 2008, in Nancy, France. The Conference aimed to provide policy makers with objective information regarding the role of the forest-based sector in relation to the physical processes of the carbon cycle, the competition between wood and other materials, and the energy market. More.
Washington, DC, 9 November—The North American Workshop on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) took place from 6-7 November in Washington, DC, US. The aim of the meeting was to define a regional approach to advance sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in North America that also contributes to the global Marrakech Process, which will be the focus of discussions by the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD). More.
Istanbul, 8 November—The first special session of the Committee on Science and Technology (CST S1) of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) has concluded in Istanbul, Turkey. CST S1 met on 5-6 November 2008. Delegates reviewed work plans for the CST and considered indicators to measure implementation progress.  More.
Photo: Luc Gnacadja, Executive Secretary of the UNCCD
Other News
World Forum on Sustainable Development meets in Brazzaville
Beijing High-Level Conference calls for climate-related technology transfer
International Renewable Energy Agency to be founded in January 2009
Sustainable Development News

Rotterdam COP agrees to list Tributyltin
New study highlights pesticide’s impact on food chain
ILO, IMO, and Basel Convention experts discuss ship breaking
More Chemicals News

Ramsar COP10 concludes in Changwon
African seminar on sustainable water resources management held
EU to reinforce tuna protection
UN Legal Committee addresses protection of global water resources
Ramsar Convention, IUCN and Danone Group partner against climate change
More Water News

UN climate chief highlights Obama’s role, new technology
Ozone Secretariat prepares for Qatar meeting
Conference on methyl bromide alternatives held
US EPA approves methyl bromide alternative
More Climate News

Talks continue on TRIPS biodiversity amendment
CMS signs MoU on birds of prey
CITES-supervised ivory auction in Southern Africa
UNECE promotes International Year of the Potato 2008
More Biodiversity News

Human Development
World Urban Forum IV held
Second Global Forum on Migration and Development focuses on human rights
ESCAP launches regional forum on gender and poverty-sensitive energy policies
UNDP produces climate change country profiles
More Development News

UNFF expert group discusses financing framework
EU announces deforestation targets, plans to combat illegal logging
More Forests News

Intergovernmental Organizations
UNGA adopts climate change resolution UNGA promotes an interactive panel on the global financial crisis
UNGA adopts climate change resolution UNGA Second Committee considers human settlements, climate change, desertification and biodiversity
UNGA adopts climate change resolution UN Secretary-General: financial crisis could “eclipse the global effort to address climate change”
UNGA adopts climate change resolution UNEP co-sponsors conference on military’s role in climate mitigation
More IGO News

Trade, Finance and Investment
Draft outcome for Financing for Development Conference discussed
GEF Council meets
WTO tuna-dolphin case renewed
World Bank creates green bond to finance mitigation and adaptation
More Trade News

Key meetings in the next two weeks
Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2008 Workshop: 12-14 November 2008, Bangkok, Thailand
Twentieth Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol and Eighth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Vienna Convention: 16-20 November 2008, Doha, Qatar
First Meeting of the CBD Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on Biodiversity and Climate Change: 17-21 November 2008, London, UK
Fifth Meeting of the Biosafety Protocol Compliance Committee: 19-21 November 2008, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Better Air Quality Workshop (BAQ) 2008

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