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Editor’s Note No. 119
Thursday, 11 December 2008
Lynn Wagner, Ph.D.
Linkages Update

and MEA Bulletin
The final days of the UN Climate Change Conference in Poznań, Poland, should, if nothing else, provide an indication of how much work remains to be done in the coming year.

Negotiations in the historic Polish town have reportedly firmed up positions on a few agenda items, and workshops have provided negotiators with the opportunity to develop a common understanding of some additional issues. The eagerly anticipated ministerial roundtable on a ‘shared vision’ on long-term cooperative action on climate change may provide some momentum at the mid-point of the Bali Road Map by beginning the discussion to create a global understanding on how to move toward a low-carbon, sustainable development path.

While the Poznań talks may be establishing some broad outlines for a future shared vision and the basis for negotiating texts (which are expected to be ready at the next set of official UN talks in late March 2009), many other events in 2009 will provide further clues as to what can be expected in Copenhagen in December 2009. Efforts by the new US administration, which will come into office in January, for instance, will provide important indications on the shape that a low-carbon, sustainable development path may take.

A number of stories in this issue of Linkages Update identify further actions that other actors are undertaking towards this end. They include the launch of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests’ Strategic Framework for Forests and Climate Change and the UNEP Climate Change Strategy. In early 2009, the web platform for our Climate Change Policy & Practice knowledge management project will be restructured to make it easier for you to search our database on international organizations’ actions in responding to the problem of global climate change. We hope this will help you identify the direction and cross-roads that the international community is facing along this path.
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