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Editor’s Note No. 129
Thursday, 14 May 2009
Chris Spence
Chris Spence.
Deputy Director, IISD RS
The past two weeks may have broken some sort of record for the breadth of activities on international environment and sustainable development policy making. Naturally, climate change continued to dominate headlines, with the usual plethora of meetings and media stories. As reported in this issue of Linkages Update, these included events under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and meetings convened by the Global Environment Facility (on REDD) and UNCTAD (on the CDM). However, climate change was not the only topic that has been front-and-center lately. Chemicals management issues have also been to the fore, with the Stockholm Convention’s listing of nine new chemicals and a deal on financial and technical assistance representing the hard-won gains from recent negotiations in Geneva. UN efforts to reduce reliance on DDT in the fight against malaria have also been stepped up, and as this issue of Linkages Update goes to press, the second session of the International Conference on Chemicals Management is also taking place.

In other news, the 17th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development is drawing to a close, with delegates seeking to negotiate outcomes on agriculture, rural development, land, drought, desertification and Africa.

In the weeks to come, financial issues will become more prominent, with G8 ministers meetings scheduled, as well as the UN’s Global Financial Summit in early June. We will have updates on these events in the next issue of Linkages Update. We will also bring you news from the next round of UNFCCC negotiations in Bonn and from the Governing Body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture in Tunis. Both events are starting in early June, and experts from our sister publication, Earth Negotiations Bulletin, will be attending and reporting from them on a daily basis.
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